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  1. The issue went away for me the same fashion. Before it happened I did reboot my system a few times and every single time it reoccurred. Not sure why and how the problem got resolved but everything appears to be fine now
  2. I have been having the same issue recently. For what it's worth. my internet connection takes 1-2 minutes to start up upon boot up. The licence window appears every other reboot now. If internet connectivity is present, I can close the window and restart the app, otherwise it fails to start. Rather annoying behavior.
  3. OK, this workaround did the trick and the service started. Do you know if the dev team is working on a solution to that issue? The fact that slowing the system down is enough to stop av / malware protection is beyond acceptance from the perspective of IT security nowadays...
  4. This is not really possible since the process terminates . I only managed to break the execution before the termination and collect a dump. Not sure if it will be of any use but this was the first thing I could think of. Also, please see the screenshot.
  5. I am sorry but my post was a reply in the thread you mentioned. Someone must have split it. Anyway. My symptoms are the following: OS: Windows 7 Pro x64 EN with SP1 and all the updates. EAM: I boot up the system. A message "A major problem has prevented the application from starting. Please reboot (...)" appears. Emsisoft Antimalware is not running. I reboot. Nothing changes. No Emsisoft-related process is shown by Process Explorer. I uninstalled Emsisoft AntiMalware and cleaned the system. Then I downloaded the latest version again. The installation process completed s
  6. I am having exact same symptoms. Having taken all the steps mentioned by @joe53 the application still fails. OS: Windows 7 x64 EN, No additional AV protection except for AnVir Task Manager.
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