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  1. right great that worked although i have a 1 year old acer notpad and running windows 8? what happenes now when it auto updates will this happen again?
  2. thanks GT500 got a bit heated there when i recieved a warning from a over zelous forum moderater last night right i have the log files
  3. getting this message A major problem has prevented the application from starting when i try to start up my anti malware program?trying to combine my post with the few others having this have also been told off for trying to combine my post with others having this problem. i can not find any info or help on this in the forums. so was wondering do i now try to get my refund for my remaining subscription and try another antimalware program or is this not allowed also?
  4. also i can not tell you which version as it will not come on but it is pretty recent update as of last night
  5. yes i am also having the same problem with my emisoft antimalware same error message as you but i also know that when i rebooted it came on for a little while but then went off it did say my last update was last night at about 10pm gmt
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