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  1. Emsisoft Internet Security will not update. I get an error that cannot contact the update server. Windows 7 Pro Lots of RAM and free HD space. I am in China. Sometimes I use a VPN. IT will not update with or without a VPN. It just changes between in initializing and updating I have sent two emails, no response. I tried to download Internet Security again to reinstall it, but cannot. The page is down
  2. Emsisoft deletes support forum posts they do not like. I have written before, but no good answer. I own Emsisoft Antimslware. It will not update. I am in China and either use a VPN or not. Either way it will not update. I have shut down Online Armor and Windows firewall. No updates. I even uninstalled the software and reinstalled it. Still no updates. Why will it not update when it worked fine before with same settings?
  3. Both my Emsisoft firewall is off and windows firewall. Under <tools> <internet options><connections>, I have proxy unchecked. Still it will not update. Same error message that it will not connect to update server.
  4. I cannot update Emsisoft Antimalware. I have used it for many years and it always updated fine. Now it will not. My internet connection is fine. I am in China, and use a VPN sometimes. No matter if I use a VPN or not, it will not update. I have tried for several days. I have been traveling, and my database is 145 days old. Everything else updates fine. Everything including Mslwarebytes. I always get an error that the update server cannot be reached and to check my internet connection and proxy settings. My internet connection is fine. If I use a VPN, I have it set to no proxy. So, impossible to update despite everything else being fine. I even uninstalled the software and reinstalled it. Same problem. I seriously doubt I have infections. Malwarebytes reported only PUP,s which I deleted. No viruses.
  5. As I said, I did everything you said and got the above files. Anticipating what you might want me to do now, I reran EEK and FRST. Here are their scans. Again, this is after I did All you wanted. These are the scans now. There was no addition.txt generated by FRST. I have only two files to give you. FRST updated itself, and maybe that is why no addition.txt was generated. .
  6. I did everything as you said. Here are the logs you wanted.
  7. I have been an Emsisoft AntiMalware and Online Armor user for many years. Cookies are not a probldem as I can eliminate them. But a routine scheduled scan turned up something high risk in the Online Armor folder and I do not know if it is a false positive or a virus. I have done nothing to it. Here are the files you wanted.
  8. Here are the two files you wanted from the second OTL run.
  9. Here is the file you wanted. The scan went fine. I have installed on this computer Rollback. It is similar to Go-back. It is a replacement for System Restore. It creates a snapshot of your disc, and saves it. It images the disc. Maybe one or more of these detected are related to this. I am going to re install a newer version, so if not sure, it is OK to delete. i choose >>>> skip<<< for all.
  10. I found the log. It was not where you said it would be. Instead it was in a folder of the renamed combo-fix. Here it is What now?
  11. I ran combo-fix twice. It is very slow. The first time, it got hung up on stage 5. The second time it went through all stages. It stopped on deleting folders. I let it run overnight. The next morning I noted that my computer had restarted. I entered the password to start the computer and Windows started fine. Combo-fix came up saying it was preparing the log file. But it did nothing. No log file. It just sat on "Preparing log file" So what now?
  12. I rebooted the comput log.er then I ran combo-fix again. It worked through all stages. My computer restarted, then it said to run no programs until combo-fix was finished. It never finished. After the reboot, it ran for 30 minutes again. I stopped it. Should I let it run more? It looks like it gets hung up. So no log.
  13. Here are two of the three files you wanted. When I ran combofix, renamed, Stage 1 was OK as was stage 2, stage 3, and stage 4. Then I guess it ran stage 5. It took an extraordinarily long time. I stopped it after 30 minutes. The directions said times from 10 minutes could double. So I thought 30 minutes was too long. Should I let it run longer? Is something wrong? I have Rollback installed on my computer. It is similar to GoBack. It is a system restore replacement, although system restore is running. I am not sure what system restore is called on Windows 7. So what should I do next?
  14. Here are the files you wanted. There were two a2scan files.