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  1. Hello, I'm suggesting that you add http://en.softonic.com as a site that host malicious content, besides the fact that they host search protect by conduit and give it great reviews there are other programs on there that could be called malware. Just a FYI love your product keep up the good work.
  2. Hi, I am not an Emsisoft Employee but I had 2 pc's with this problem, and uninstalling emsisoft and then reinstalling with Beta updates selected solved the problem.
  3. Thank You folks at Emsisoft for finding a fix for this issue, had to uninstall the old emsisoft but after doing a Reinstall and selecting Beta updates it did work thanks again!!! :wub:
  4. Hello, I currently work for a Reseller of Emsisoft, I have a client who brought in his computer because of this issue and I figured I would drop off the logs here for you boys and gals lol. Thanks again for working promptly at resolving this issue.
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