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  1. Welcome to the forums , OA its a great product, one of the best out there.
  2. Thanks Julian, that would be awesome, i paid two years of license and for now because of this error im using another "firewall + av" solution till this problem is fixed. The other Solution (I reserve the name) im using right now doesnt have this problem at all, through rdp you can accept or deny any rule without dropping my connection. Surely this is a bug.
  3. The developers dont read this forum? i think they should read from here or there is an special mail address? thanks.
  4. Thats right, thats why i have to uninstalled my paid version of oa++ till the company can fix this....
  5. Thanks for the info.. yes, well that post its a little old, now i have the last version and the problem is still there. i uninstalled oa++ to see if a new version releases with this fixed.... this option its critical for me....
  6. Hello guys, Im seeing a little issue with OA++, i always let my home pc turned on, because i connect to my home pc from my work remotely using RDP. The thing is, when im using the rdp connection if i open for example the cmd command prompt in my home pc and do nslookup www.gooogle.com for example. when OA ask me if i want to Accept or denny that action, i cannot click allow or block, because the rdp connections halts I think this maybe is a bug of the software, when oa ask for a permission allow or block it deactivates the other rules until you can click allow or block.... This can be fixed with and update please, ive lost my rdp connection like 3 days from now..... Thanks guys Edit/Delete Message