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  1. In my case, going on holiday for a little while, then coming back did the trick! Seriously, I did nothing. Didn't download the beta, didn't change anything, the OA version hasn't changed, but here we are a few days later and it works fine.
  2. Hi Andrey and thanks for your reply. I'd be happy to try a beta version if you'd like to direct to me to the download. Many thanks Darren
  3. I have this exact same problem - gui freezing, nothing to be done but reboot. What's the latest on this? Is there a version available where the fix has been implemented? OA++ version XP PRO SP3 Cheers Darren
  4. Anybody want to explain why this was closed? http://cc.emsisoft.com/en/support/ticket.aspx?id=79513 "Very strange" ain't a fix!