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  1. *** whole quote was removed {Lynx} Hi Lynx, thanks for the reply. I was able to make OA less intrusive by using the 'learning mode' when installing software, so I have no problems with the HIPS part. Would it still be better to turn off the HIPS in OA and run Mamutu for watching the computer processes? Or if running both together isn't too intrusive for me, do I get much added protection running them together, or are they redundant?
  2. On my 7 x64bit system, I am using Online Armor Free, Sandboxie, and 2 on-demand daily AV scans as my main security programs, along with safe browsing and a system image. I want to be alerted if changes to the computer are attempted. Would it add much to my security to run Mamutu (a behavior blocker) with Online Armor free (a firewall/HIPS)?