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  1. Since updating to Firefox 25.0, I have been unable to get Firefox to run safer. During the Firefox 25.0 install one of the OA popups had a check box marked RunSafer, which I checked, but Firefox was not in RunSafer mode when it first started up. I closed Firefox and went to the OA config page and marked firefox.exe as RunSafer in the Programs tab. This has always worked in the past to get a program to RunSafer. Not this time. Still no RunSafer. I went back in to OA's Programs tab and marked every file in the list associated with Firefox as RunSafer, and still no result. Tonight Firefox updated to ver. 25.0.1, which I hoped might have some effect on the issue, alas, Firefox will still not RunSafer. What am I missing here? Any thoughts?
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