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  1. stapp

    Update Server Problem ?

    Confirmed in the 2 posts above yours. No problems for the last 5 hours. I would have reported it if there were problems
  2. stapp

    Update Server Problem ?

    Yes updated manually and have same sigs as you. They must have kicked that server hard !!
  3. stapp

    Update Server Problem ?

    Can confirm here..... General Information: Version 2018.7.2.8843 Update started: 17/08/2018 06:15:26 Update ended: 17/08/2018 06:15:28 Time elapsed: 0:00:02 Update successful Detailed Information: 38 modules, 99203576 bytes a2cmd.exe (5590392 bytes) - not updated a2framework.dll (7570088 bytes) - not updated a2guard.exe (8864256 bytes) - not updated a2hosts.dat (559314 bytes) - not updated a2service.exe (9436760 bytes) - not updated a2start.exe (13546032 bytes) - not updated a2trust.dat (335747 bytes) - not updated a2update.dll (0 bytes) - not updated Will shout for someone!!
  4. Link works (for me) on website. Can you boot into safe mode and uninstall?
  5. @Wagner Your link in post above points back to this thread.
  6. stapp

    Online protection

    Hi Bellgamin Yes surf protection is good to have turned on. I also like to have it set at 'block and notify' 'cause I like to know what's happening. Have you unticked the little box to the left of where it says Search? It is a little box which says 'hide built in list'
  7. stapp

    Can't uninstall Emsisoft because missing DLL

    GT500 will have to see to that eppdiskCheck zip download in order for you to get it.
  8. stapp

    Can't uninstall Emsisoft because missing DLL

    Just had a try and the zip file downloaded OK for me. What happens when you try to download it? Perhaps try a different browser?
  9. Confirmed that the service stalled on the service restart of the new beta. Hopefully that will be the last time Other than that all seems okay.
  10. It is recommended that you upload a copy of the ransom note along with an encrypted file to ID Ransomware so that you can verify which ransomware you are dealing with: Then paste a link to the results into a reply so that one of our experts can review it for you.
  11. I think I may have broken something Did it first time and saved a dump but didn't know it EAM was stopped because I forgot to look under the details tab So I restarted EAM via start menu but it didn't show in taskbar, so I tried with EAM desktop icon. Then it showed 2 EAM guards in taskmanager and cmd wouldn't let me stop the service again and an EAM popup said it had a problem and try rebooting. I am going to reboot and try again.
  12. Peter is there anything showing for it in the Windows Event Viewer?
  13. On Windows 10 I saw this in System Event viewer logs this morning. I rebooted just now and it shows again. I have FastBoot disabled. It doesn't show on Win 7. shutdown.txt
  14. On Windows 10 I have over 50 showing in task manager.