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  1. Sounds a bit similar to this perhaps
  2. Guys the original post you are replying to was from August last year
  3. Why are logs migrated into forensics?

    Try a different way Forensic logs and type scan into the search box. Or the new way (which I personally don't like ) is use the components filter log (you get a prize if you work it out !!)
  4. What browser are you using ? (as I am not seeing it either)
  5. CLOSED Help, my PC is infected

    Follow the steps here and attach the logs so our experts can help you
  6. Mit EAM habe ich gerade Windows 7 64 Bit mit KB4056894 aktualisiert und hatte kein Problem, obwohl der Neustart ein wenig Zeit gekostet hat. Ich sehe Sie sind Windows 7 32bit. Können Sie im abgesicherten Modus starten? Hat das System wiederhergestellt, dass es erfolgreich war? EDIT... Welche andere Sicherheitssoftware haben Sie auf der Maschine?
  7. EAM update and Microsoft Update (restart required) went in without a problem. Thanks to Emsi devs for the work behind the scenes getting this done
  8. According to reports the disclosure for this was to be on 9th January so some organisations and av companies may have been preparing their software for this date, but now have had their hand forced are are working hard behind the scenes I suspect to get things pushed through.
  9. I think they are very quiet because they are very busy behind the scenes Have confidence paulderdash
  10. I'm sure that Emsisoft will be working on this as we speak, and that an update will be available as soon as possible.
  11. CLOSED beta 8340 log

    Settings..Factory Defaults.... and select ''clear all logs and reset counters''
  12. Windows 10 Downloaded latest version 8334 from the website. Updated without any problems then turned on beta updates .. just one file downloaded for beta updates. Ran a scan without issue (apart from the fact that Windows Defender caught eicar first :)) I took up EEK offer to install EAM which it did. My only issue is when installing EAM through EEK it doesn't put an icon on the desktop whereas downloading and installing EAM myself, it does put an EAM icon on the desktop.
  13. Windows 10. Uninstalled EAM and rebooted twice. (I chose the option to remove logs but it still left folder in Program files with quarantine in it) Ran EEK installed 8080 (which I had in downloads) and when I got error I thought it might be because it was on older download so I deleted install (it installed ok ) and downloaded 8219 from website. Installed okay but no way will it update either from stable or beta. Find attach screenshot of EEK Forensics showing the 'Update started date, and the Update ended date. They are nearly 50 years apart Also attached logs from ProgramData and EEK logs. Running with WD until I can reinstall EAM which I was going to have EEK do for me. Screenshot (16).zip
  14. Looking forward to testing any new developments during the year along side the other beta testers. Always fun !!