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  1. CCleaner hack

    From one of the links in GT500's post..... July 3 - Evidence suggests hackers breached Piriform's IT systems. July 18 - Avast decides to buy Piriform, the company behind CCleaner. August 15 - Piriform, now part of Avast, releases CCleaner 5.33. The 32-bit version (CCleaner 5.33.6162) included the Floxif trojan. August 20 and 21 - Morphisec's security product detects first instances of malicious activity (malware was collecting device details and sending the data to a remote server), but Morphisec does not notify Avast. August 24 - Piriform releases CCleaner Cloud v1.07.3191 that also includes the Floxif trojan. September 11 - Morphisec customers share detection logs detailing CCleaner-related malicious activity with the company's engineers. September 12 - Morphisec notifies Avast and Cisco of the suspicious CCleaner activity. Avast starts its own investigation and also notifies US law enforcement. Cisco also starts its own investigation. September 14 - Cisco notifies Avast of its own findings. September ?? - Cisco had registered, in the meantime, all the domains that the malware would have used in the future to determine and calculate the C&C server IP address. September 15 - Following a collaboration between Avast and law enforcement, the malware's C&C server was taken down. September 15 - Avast releases CCleaner 5.34 and CCleaner Cloud 1.07.3214 that remove the Floxif malware. September 18 - CCleaner incident becomes public following Cisco, Morphisec, and Avast/Piriform reports.
  2. Latest info from Avast
  3. Updating EEK takes ages

    Doesn't work for beta builds
  4. Updating EEK takes ages

    If it's been a few days or even weeks since your last EEK update it will download and install the whole database. Also I don't think it uses as many server points as EAM and EIS (I may be wrong there)
  5. probably a new malware

    Please follow the steps here and attach the requested logs so that one of our experts can help you
  6. Dell Concierge Support virus

    Please follow the steps here and attach the requested logs so that one of our experts can help you.
  7. There is quite a lot of info about Binisoft's Windows Firewall Control here It is also supported here by the developer (long thread !)
  8. No. I paused EAM so I could download Eicar. Then when protection had restarted (10mins pause) it was then that I did the malware scan.
  9. EAM on win 10 Pro 64bit I paused EAM while I re-downloaded Eicar to test scanning. EAM restarted protection and while EAM was doing a malware scan I was looking in the Event Viewer. EAM caught Eicar and then I noticed scan was stuck on 99% on C\Windows\write.exe Could not use taskmanager to do a dump of Emsi, nothing at all would work so I did a hard shutdown. Find enclosed debug logs. + Screenshot of stuck scan before all desktop froze as well. +Screenshot of forensic logs for today +txt file of event viewer error for a2service radar_pre_leak64 a2guard_20170901102833(2972).zip
  10. CLOSED Build 7904 on Win 10

    I know nothing about the ''little error'' apart from what was shown in the event viewer, so I included the txt file of the error in the zip file. Perhaps it was something to do with Win Defender stealing Eicar from EEK?
  11. CLOSED Surf protection 7904

    I have used the space bar to delete highlighted things for many years now and never had a problem. I use this method in forum posts here and at other forums etc. However, I have never used it in surf protection before so never realized it would have this result. The surf protection box is a one off I guess. I forgive who ever designed it that way
  12. CLOSED Surf protection 7904

    Ahhh, I don't press the delete key to delete GT6. I highlight GT6 and then press the space bar on my keyboard to delete. What happens to you when you do that? It breaks the Surf Protection GUI when I do it.
  13. CLOSED Surf protection 7904

    Have built in surf protection list showing. After you type GT6 and the list disappears, highlight GT6 using your cursor and delete it. Can you get your built in list to show again? I cannot until I reboot.
  14. confused

    Ahh, that may explain something. GT500 asked you not to delete anything yet, but just to scan and attach the log which would have appeared on your desktop. Hopefully GT500 should be back later and should offer some advice. Don't panic yet
  15. confused

    Did you ask Emsiclean to delete what it found?