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  1. Black Friday

    Black Friday 50% off
  2. CLOSED Event ID 15

    I get 5 or 6 at each hourly update. I don't get a whole pageful now
  3. Cannot replicate it Frank. Just tried again.
  4. Cannot create bin64\epp.sys

    A couple of threads here which may give you some clues
  5. CLOSED TimW

    Please follow the steps here and attach the requested logs so that one of our experts can help you.
  6. @dmcelhannon Don't forget to attach those scan logs Kevin asked for.
  7. CLOSED Beta 8188

    Trouble free autoupdate on win 7 and win 10.
  8. CLOSED Beta 8157

    So will the SSL option in the GUI ever return?
  9. Audit Failures in Event Viewer

    jamjar see here
  10. I guess I'm just old school, I just open up the gui and type it in while looking at my permanently displayed version number on the GUI
  11. Are you sure you are talking about Emsisoft Internet Security? Emsisoft Internet Security was merged with Emsisoft Anti Malware in October.
  12. CLOSED Beta 8157

    I have been waiting to see if anyone from Emsi answered this. Can someone please say why it was removed? What if someone is asked to use Fiddler?
  13. To see the version number you can click on the Emsisoft logo at the top left of the GUI. If you want the version number to be visible all the time then where it says 'renew for free' under the License Panel, hover over 'renew for free' and you will see an X. Click it and the build number will be permanently displayed.
  14. CLOSED Beta 8134

    German is not my strong point Peter but noticed this... no idea if it's the same thingürzt-acrobat-ab/
  15. On Windows 10 after autoupdate to 8134, Windows Defender Security Center now reports 'no action needed' under virus & threat protection