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  1. Updated EAM from 7213 to 7219 on Win 7 64bit. Turned laptop off. After a few moments turned it back on again (to confirm delay in boot fixed now) Then got to old user profile issue again. Had to log out and log in again as me. Attached are both sets of debug logs from the 2 boots this morning, plus the 4 event viewer errors 1508, 1502, 1515, 1511. Note the user profile service in this session said it had successfully started (1531) immediately before the errors. (Frank this user has a ticket with you for similar issue?) a2guard_20170226055045(3236).zip
  2. Not sure which of the last couple of builds fixed this but the description column for Zemana in the BB list is now populated with the name.
  3. I actually meant were the event viewer errors that you are seeing the same as the ones I reported in that thread? (no one else but staff are allowed to see your logs/attachments by the way)
  4. Have you altered the updates after boot time on Win 10? It takes about 10 mins or more before it autoupdates (fast start disabled)
  5. Is this issue just Win 7 Frank? I am not seeing the same so far on Win 10 eithre on startup delay or in event viewer.
  6. Sounds like the same as here Siketa and here
  7. Is this what you are seeing? If yes I have provided logs and info
  8. In Windows Event Viewer under 'System' logs at each boot it shows 2 errors Event ID 7009 ''Description: A timeout was reached (30000 milliseconds) while waiting for the Emsisoft Protection Service service to connect.'' Event ID 7000 ''Description: The Emsisoft Protection Service service failed to start due to the following error: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.'' The effect of these 2 errors is that at boot there is a time of about 20-30 seconds where there is only a black screen with a cursor. I also reported the same for build 7207 and provided debug logs etc. Find more debug logs attached for this attached a2service_20170225060458(3056).zip
  9. EAM updated to this build this morning on Win 7 then I turned laptop off. Rebooted again just now and noticed 2 errors in event viewer about Emsi service not starting in a timely manner. Debug logs plus 2 event viewer errors in attached zip a2guard_20170224124622(2556).zip
  10. Yesterday I autoupdated to 7207 on Win 10 64bit. with EAM I reset the logs counter only. Today I booted up and after almost 15 minutes there is still no update. Gui says last update was 23 hours ago. Debug logs attached a2service_20170224070047(1420).zip
  11. NEW

    Yes the installer Frank. Glad you were able to reproduce.
  12. NEW

    Deleted EEK, rebooted and ran again with debug logging working (Win 10 64 bit EAM installed) a2emergencykit_20170221081358(3740).zip
  13. NEW

    As I had seen users in EEK forum mentioning unsigned drivers I thought I would try an replicate it. I downoaded 6971 on Win 10 64 bit and got these 2 screenshots. EEk opened when I clicked on the 'start emergency scanner' No debug logs were produced as Emsisoft logging said I had turned it off I have provided the logs saying this in this thread here
  14. Some debug logs here saying that I turned it off logging this morning (I didn't) I have turned them back on. Pity as I needed them for EEK. a2service_20170221073144(1736).zip
  15. I think paulderdash is talking about this checkbox shown here