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  1. I just noticed it when I started a malware scan and went to minimize it so I could watch the forum, and it wouldn't work. I might try a restart and see what happens (unless I broke it!!)
  2. Win 10 2004 build 10275. With EAM GUI window open, the minimize window does not work for me at the moment. The close button works, and the expand button works. Clicking on the minimize button does absolutely nothing. It is dead.
  3. If it turns up nothing then perhaps post here With the Virus Total links plus the fact that it is EEK and what EEK names it as. I don't have that font by the way.
  4. If you look in C\Windows\fonts is the Roboto font listed there?
  5. stapp

    NEW beta 100275

    Thanks for info Frank.
  6. Win 10 2004 after auto update. Can I ask what the hotfix was for, and if there were any interesting tweaks please. (Resetting counters and logs still gives the same info in Forensics, so I guess this will be altered at a later date)
  7. stapp

    NEW beta 10272

    Win 10 2004 after auto update. Sometimes I select ''clear all logs and reset folders' when I get a new build. When I do that it says in Forensics 'Settings restored to default'' It gives the impression that everything in Settings has been restored to default (which is not the case)
  9. Just in case it helps, MBAM released a new version yesterday
  10. Can you tell a little bit more about what happened? Are you using Windows 10? Did you do a scan and then your PC shut down automatically? In scanner settings what do you have here?
  11. Just in case it is relevant
  12. It must have needed a rest as it's all fine now
  13. After a cold boot figures are more or less normal now although a2service is still a bit high ?
  14. I may need to restart machine as my a2start is usually quite low but it hasn't dropped much at all since I updated.
  15. Win 10 2004 updated to new beta via manual updates. All seems okay so far. So a2start will still show the 0..1..2..0..1 in task manager CPU details? It took a little while to start protection after update.