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  1. This fixed it. Hopefully logs might show why it happened this morning.
  2. I tend to install the previews anyway so it didn't really bother me. I have never had one 'upset' my machine.
  3. .Net preview installed automatically for me too on my machines this time. Usually for the previews you have to select 'Check for Updates' but not this time for me, soon as I went to Win Updates it started checking automatically.
  4. Win 10 20H2 Cold booted this morning to see WSC saying EAM is off. (EAM says it is running.) Defender shows as having updated itself this morning. Debug logs attached. Will try reboot, tick/untick sort of things later. Just thought you might want to know. a2guard_20210227045857(7632).zip
  5. stapp

    EEK 10718

    Win 10 20H2 Updated and running ok so far.
  6. stapp

    beta 10670

    If you are a single user what would the benefit be?
  7. I'll have another look when I next do a backup copy of all my data again to usb. I rely on Macrium so the backup is just for extra insurance.
  8. @Frank H I didn't see an alert. Is it expected behaviour for 'copy' to quarantine something even when I just have 'alert' as my preferred choice ?
  9. I have quite a few different types of eicar files that I keep in downloads so I can test EAM scanner. I always have EAM set to ALERT so that I can see in Forensic logs what they found. Today I was copying my pics and docs (including downloads) onto a memory stick as an additional backup along side Macrium. EAM quarantined 2 of the items... why? The other 2 eicar were left in downloads and copied over to the memory stick. (they were zip files)
  10. Win 10 autoupdated....no issues so far.
  11. Win 10 via auto updater. No issues so far.
  12. Auto updated without issue on Win 10 20H2.
  13. The numbers always come down for me after a cold boot when I have updated to a new beta. I usually use the details tab in Task Manager instead of Processes.
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