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  1. Win 7 64bit EAM 7260 EAM seems to take quite a while now on the 'installing' bit of the updates.. why is that? I have attached some debug logs of today's update which at one stage I thought was frozen they took so long to install. Also why are there hundreds of MaintenanceCallback entries every second in the Guard logs? a2start_20170318135812(412).zip
  2. Ahh!! Now I won't have my debug logs automatically turned off after 7 days. Thanks
  3. I did a manual update which worked. Odd thing is I have 3 update logs for you, 2 failed (autoupdateones) and 1 manual update log. The autoupdate (failed) logs show a much larger amount of modules than the manual (successful) one does eam.txt eam1.txt eam2.txt
  4. Trying to move on from 7219 to 7260 via autoupdate on Win 7 ''Unable to retrieve update information from server' No debug logs available ..7 days has run out it said (I'm sure it's not working right) eam.txt
  5. Hello Stjepan, I have just been to the store to test buying EIS. I am able to press the 'next' green button and am taken to the checkout. Perhaps it may be your location or some other issue. I am sure someone from Sales will see this post soon and help you (although with it being the weekend you may have to wait a few hours)
  6. Did he try it ?... See this thread
  7. The devs are already aware of this issue and I think they will be trying to find out a common cause.
  8. When you get the temp proflie login and you're on that desktop, if you do ctrl-atl-delete and select log off you should then be presented with a window that offers you the option to log into your own profile and then you will be presented with your own desktop without the need to reboot. This is what I do when I get the temp profile issue which I also 'suffer' from sometimes.
  9. Please follow this guide and attach the logs
  10. This temp user profile issue happened again today on Win 7 64 bit (the only one it seems to happen on) I was able to log off and log in again as myself. No EAM logs as the 7 day only logging rule had been applied by EAM (have turned them back on again) Picture from my Event Viewer
  11. NOT A BUG

    True but that wasn't clear at the time I made the first post in this thread
  12. NEW

    Installed 6971 on Win 10 64bit and updated it, then changed to beta updates and updated. All went well with GUI and scans. (still absolutely hate the 'not responding' on the looks so unprofessional)
  13. NOT A BUG

    It was here Frank. But obviously things have changed as that was back on 21st of Feb and Arthur has been helping them I can understand the devs saying it isn't an issue, however if I was installing EEK as a new user and seen that it was saying it was not responding I wouldn't want to use it. Will see if it happens on new 7222 later.
  14. A temp user profile here also Frank
  15. Updated EAM from 7213 to 7219 on Win 7 64bit. Turned laptop off. After a few moments turned it back on again (to confirm delay in boot fixed now) Then got to old user profile issue again. Had to log out and log in again as me. Attached are both sets of debug logs from the 2 boots this morning, plus the 4 event viewer errors 1508, 1502, 1515, 1511. Note the user profile service in this session said it had successfully started (1531) immediately before the errors. (Frank this user has a ticket with you for similar issue?) a2guard_20170226055045(3236).zip