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  1. By the way.. to see EAM version number just open EAM and click on the word 'EMSISOFT' top left of the GUI.
  2. You can follow the steps here and attach the logs in a post in the Malware Removal area of the forum
  3. Please follow the steps here and attach the logs so that one of our malware removal experts can help you.
  4. It says XP Pro in your screenshot ?
  5. Emsisoft Anti-Malware doesn't work on XP or Vista now.
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    No comments ?
  7. This may help
  8. It might be a good idea to go here first and paste the results it gives you in a post here
  9. Win 7 64 bit. Uninstalled EAM and rebooted twice. Updated EEK from 7677 to 7694. Did a scan and it found Eicar. At end of scan it offered to install EAM. No reboot needed after EAM was installed. Everything went perfectly P.S. I don't like the fact that no desktop icon appears for EAM when you use the EEK download P.S. Forgot to say thanks to dev team for offering choice to remove all logs and reports when uninstalling EAM.
  10. Windows 7 using EAM EAM was uninstalled and I downloaded and re installed EAM through the new feature in EEK This was build 7600. I turned on beta updates and updated to 7681 manually. No issues with update. I did notice that after the EAM download through EEK I was asked to restart machine which I did. There were none of those system integrity 6281 errors showing in event viewer. So I did a shutdown of machine. After turning machine back on the 6281 errors did show. Does this mean EAM was not hooking until a full shutdown and restart of machine was done?
  11. Found it !! The download window only becomes visible when you close the High Risk Alert window in my screenshot above So I proceeded with the download from the window shown in your screenshot which went very smoothly and installed quickly. I entered my licence key. It asked for a restart and automatically closed the EEK window in the background. After restart I was asked to logon as me (I don't logon as I have auto logon enabled) Very impressive
  12. Frank I don't see that, what am I not doing right? I uninstalled EAM on Win 7 and rebooted twice. Ran EEK 7677 and did a scan. Does Eicar not count as a reason for the download?
  13. A pity you didn't mention this earlier!! I will find the time tomorrow to uninstall EAM and test this.
  14. Installed this via updater from 7437 beta on Windows 7. No issues with update. Did a scan and after it found Eicar and finished scan it offered to tell me more about protecting my machine which took me to the EAM download page. Is that how the new easy switching feature works? Is yes, it worked