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  1. I never even turn the debug logs off to delete the old ones. I just go to C/ProgramData/Emsisoft/logs and highlight then delete the ones I don't want anymore. I usually do this every other day.
  2. stapp

    NEW Auto- Silent mode

    Adding the debug logs from this morning in case it is of any interest Frank. First see it mentioned in EAM service log at 4.35.59 am a2start_20181207043647(7136).zip
  3. stapp

    NEW Auto- Silent mode

    This is new seen event in my logs Jeremy which is why I mentioned it. It has not happened at a shutdown and next startup before ever. So yes, EAM going in and out of that mode at shutdown last night and the startup today is strange. Perhaps the 1809 Win Cumulative yesterday triggered something.
  4. Win 10 build 1809 with yesterday's 3 Windows updates installed. Fast start disabled. Noticed this in logs at shutdown and startup. Not seen that before.
  5. stapp

    Emsisoft vs cmdRansomware

    Also posted here
  6. Please see here
  7. Das ist bestätigt. Ich kann auch keine deutsche Sprachdatei sehen.
  8. My error Jeremy, I meant 'Protection Status'....Disable Behaviour Blocker. I will edit my original post. Perhaps something will show in the debug logs as to why it happened. Thanks for trying to reproduce.
  9. Win 10 Pro 64bit. using 9069 Disabled Behaviour Blocker via right-click Protection Status..Disable Behaviour Blocker option on EAM taskbar icon. (Obviously Anti Ransomware got disabled as well) After about 30 seconds I enabled it again via taskar icon. The Windows Security Center now has a red cross on it and says actions are needed. EAM says I am only partially protected despite all options being on and taskbar icon is green. Logs attached plus screenies. Screenie of Forensics show timeline of events. a2start_20181202044432(1748).zip
  10. stapp

    NEW Build 9069

    I wonder why the GUI opens after boot normally but not for you guys?
  11. stapp

    NEW Build 9069

    Using Win 10 Pro with build 9069 I cannot recreate your issue Marko. After a cold boot and waiting for everything to load, I click on each panel and they all open instantly.
  12. The beta version is supposed to fix the freeze. If you are not happy at installing the beta, it may not be too long before it becomes a stable build
  13. Have you tried the beta version mentioned by GT500 in the posts above yours Gideon? You can just change the update feed to 'beta' in the dropdown accessed from Settings and then the Updates tab at the top.
  14. Please upload an encrypted file or ransom note to ID-Ransomware and copy/paste the results here for one of the experts to look at.