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  1. So that someone can help you can you say what operating system you are using. Also what other security software you have installed. Have a look here
  2. EEK stable on Win 10 64 bit 1909. When installing and running for first time, the Recommended Reading slide appears and the first date shown is 1/1/1970 Not a big error but I thought I'd let you know.
  3. Welchen EAM-Build verwenden Sie? Wenn Sie eine Bildschirmskalierung von mehr als 100% verwenden, ist dies möglicherweise der Grund. Siehe hier
  4. Glad to hear you are back up and running again. Good detective work !!
  5. Have you tried running the following in a command prompt as admin? sfc /scannow then, after it is finished do...... DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth Have a couple of cups of coffee and a sandwich while you wait.
  6. I can download them all on Win 10 so it may be your location ? What other security software do you have on the machine?
  7. Odd. Are you able to download the first item in the list here? (Just delete it after the download)
  8. Try the second installer in the list EmsisoftAntiMalwareSetup.exe
  9. Are you using the latest Emsisoft build Version 2020.1.0.9926 ? (perhaps not if you cannot update) What build do you have installed? Perhaps uninstall the build you have, reboot twice and then install the latest build. Try the second installation from here
  10. Just a couple of quick things to try. Have you restarted your machine ? Have you looked in Windows Update area and checked that you have all updates installed, and none waiting to be installed? What is the actual message that EAM gives you?
  11. stapp

    CLOSED Beta 9922

    Cold booted after update and seems be be ok so far
  12. Win 10 1909 64 bit, EAM dark mode. Fast boot off. Following on from the last beta I occasionally have a GUI issue. I booted up this morning and when I went to check EAM (opened via tra) I got the white GUI again. It returned to normal after managing to close it and open it again. Logs attached just in case they help. a2start_20200102044813(6520).zip
  13. Fair enough I guess marko. Just a personal thing.
  14. Well I don't agree with it (or Fabian ***stapp waves to him) Under Action in Forensics it says 'update finished' if you look at my screenshot. So that should be reflected timewise in what is seen in the tray ...the update has finished. I hover over my tray icon often to check updates are running OK. When it shows the update as an hour earlier than it should, then it is normal to think there is a problem.