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  1. Please upload the files here and post the result.
  2. stapp

    NEW Beta 9869

    Win 10 1909 manually updated to 9869 ok.
  3. @JeremyNicoll Why do you have C:\Program Files\Emsisoft Internet Security and not C:\Program Files\Emsisoft Anti-Malware?
  4. @Claude Bader sollte Ihnen helfen können.
  5. Win10 1909 Confirmed as working in Vivaldi (Vivaldi deletes the file and entry shows in Forensics) However I can download the file Sandboxied without Vivaldi deleting it
  6. How has this improved from last year? Taken from
  7. See this thread
  8. Haben Sie Claud's skin.ini jetzt in den Programmordner gestellt, nachdem Sie den Selbstschutz ausgeschaltet haben?
  9. Haben Sie die neue skin.ini in die Emsi-Programmdateien eingefügt, nachdem Sie den Selbstschutz deaktiviert und die ursprüngliche skin.ini umbenannt haben? Haben Sie die Maschine neu gestartet? Neuer Feed sollte hier angezeigt werden
  10. Frank I was reporting that 9803 was running fine with the new 1909 I posted the info here in beta because I don't know if you read the EAM public forum
  11. Just to let you know EAM beta is working well on Win 10 1909
  12. Give this a try.
  13. Also note
  14. @marko Did you zip the logs first? (you know, select them, right-click and select send to compressed zip) If not, try that. I have no problem with a context menu scan on a desktop file. Is this on Win 10 1903?