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  1. EAM 7424 on Win 10 Creators Build. The Flash Player Settings Manager in Control Panel will not open unless EAM service is turned off. Debug logs attached. I turned EAM service off and on twice Frank just to make sure that EAM was responsible. a2guard_20170426152920(5700).zip
  2. Sorry Frank I don't think that makes sense EAM now has a setting which will automatically scan a usb, but EAM calls it a manual scan? (should it not be custom, hiding it changes nothing ) Ah well never mind !!
  3. Well the other one is easy to confirm too , I just confirmed it now on Win 10
  4. Sorry Frank, don't quite understand your reply. I noticed 2 issues. No indication in taskbar that USB scan is running USB auto scan makes EAM slide come out and say a manual scan is not needed. Which issue have you confirmed?
  5. EAM on Win 7 64bit after autoupdate to 7424 When I set up the scan setting to auto scan at usb insertion, I then tried it out. 1st point.. the right hand slide comes out and still says..''It isn't necessary to initiate a manual scan of this device. Scan anyway'' 2nd point... there is no indication in EAM taskbar shield that a scan is running.
  6. I am using EAM on Creators Update and, like you, cannot open Flash Player settings manager from Control Panel. I have entered the same Flash related exclusions as you have above and even rebooted (just in case!) but still cannot open the Flash Settings manager. I have the same Event Viewer error as is mentioned here Perhaps in my case it is not related to EAM. I will keep looking.
  7. @PeZzy Could you post a screenshot of how those Flash Player exclusions look in EIS Exclusions Panel? Thanks
  8. True Peter, but we are talking about Emsi seeing MemCompression in the creators build.
  9. Есть ли у вас ссылка от Microsoft, которая показывает эту информацию?
  10. Win 7 EAM auto updated. Stopped on 100% a bit longer than usual. Will shutdown and reboot a few times to see if any changes in EAM behaviour.
  11. Are you saying you did a scan with Emsisoft and it said you had some infections in the registry, and you said to remove them (or did you put them in quarantine)? Can you open your Emsisoft program at all? Is it Emsisoft Anti-Malware, Emsisoft Internet Security, or Emsisoft Emergency Kit (EEK) ?
  12. Can you provide more information please for the devs. Which version and build of Windows do you use? Which build of EIS are you using? Do you have a virus total link for the infected file? What crashing problem?
  13. HAWKI Do you have fast startup enabled or disabled? If you have fast startup enabled and you disable it, can you then shut down?
  14. So I have got the logs for after I disabled fast startup again, shutdown, turned on, and then opened BB screen Still verifying. a2start_20170413201747(5420).zip