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  1. No problem, enjoy the rest of your weekend
  2. Right-click the Emsisoft task bar icon and select shut down protection. Or under Settings ..Advanced..untick Start on Windows start up and reboot to do a System Restore. If you use that option it is VERY important to make sure it is ticked after System restore has completed. May I ask why you need to do a system restore?
  3. @Chen Song Open GUI.. settings.. scroll down to Advanced and look for where it says Factory Defaults. Opposite it says Revert, click on Revert and you are offered a small menu. Tick ''clear all logs and reset counters' Press okay
  4. Please follow the instructions here and attach the requested logs so that one of our experts can help you
  6. Please follow the steps here and attach the requested logs so that one of our experts can help you.
  7. Using Vivaldi 2 and surf protection works OK here.
  8. Win 10 I renewed my licence just now and with dark mode enabled there is no way it is obvious to a user that there is a x to shut the slide down at the upper right of top bar. It only appears if you mouseover. It could be confusing for some users.
  9. stapp

    Wrong GUI links

    Thing is there are two MyEmsisoft links in the GUI under Settings.... Permissions. The one which just says MyEmsisoft goes to the main webpage. The one below it which says Go to MyEmsisoft goes to the account login page. Why have 2 links? (Similar thing for the two links for Enterprise Console)
  10. stapp

    CLOSED Beta 8961

    Just to say that EAM 8961 beta runs well on Win 10 1809 which I got through Win Updates this morning.
  11. stapp

    Wrong GUI links

    The sciter page opens for me. The MyEmsisoft page issue confirmed here (opens to main webpage) This is on build 8961. Siketa if you are using beta can you post these 'bugs' in beta thread please (thanks in advance )
  12. Just to add I am running latest version of EAM on the new October 1809 which was installed after selecting 'check for updates' No problems with EAM.
  13. So big letters come before little letters now in the scan engine world. Ah well
  14. Any more comments on this Frank? With first malware scan using 8961 eicar is only found at the end. This is a change in scanner behaviour from all previous builds. EDIT A second malware scan just now took 3 seconds longer than the first one (same windows session)
  15. stapp

    CLOSED Forensic logs

    Logs sent via pm Frank. Jeremy, believe me I have clicked on everything known to man to try and get things looking like they should