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  1. @redvet. There is no way that you are being told off or wasting people's time Security is something that we are all concerned with. As both thread titles say Online Banking, I had no way of knowing if you had seen Elise's reply in your other thread so pointed you to it.
  2. Win 10 20H2 via autoupdater. No issues so far. What does the Test Email button do exactly? (please Frank don't say it tests the email) Does it only work for workstations?
  3. You had a similar question here which Elise answered https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/34468-online-banking/
  4. https://blog.emsisoft.com/en/32034/how-to-remove-fileless-malware/
  5. Did you upload anything to here? If yes, what did it say? https://id-ransomware.malwarehunterteam.com
  6. stapp

    Beta 10621

    Yes it did, and Jeremy's did too. It's probably Frank that's confused
  7. stapp

    Beta 10621

    @markoThe fix for the error you mentioned was only able to see seen in the beta 10621 update today. See here https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/34442-beta-10611/
  8. Autoupdated ok. How fast should 4 of 5 scan be on EEK (malware traces?) I only ask because it was so fast I had to run an EAM scan to see what 4 of 5 was.
  9. Win 10 20H2 Updated via autoupdate. EAM stopped and restarted itself
  10. Hello @error404 Where and when did you download Emsisoft from? Do you mean Emsisoft downloaded Home Guard without you asking for a download?
  11. stapp

    beta 10611

    It's not a problem Jeremy. It's a joke between us. He was being kind. I am much older than that unfortunately
  12. stapp

    beta 10611

    Application restart is set to on. Automatically restart device is set to off. Sorry to have bothered you
  13. Unusually EAM didn't do a restart of itself after the autoupdate of new beta after boot this morning. Logs and screenie attached. I would never have known about the needed restart if I hadn't looked at the logs. I know that restart box is only shown for 20 seconds but how are people supposed to know if they don't read Forensics? a2guard_20201225043727(6668).zip
  14. Please follow the steps here and attach the requested logs so that one of our experts can help yo. https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/31345-start-here-if-you-dont-we-are-just-going-to-send-you-back-to-this-thread/
  15. OK. Scrub the word beta (I guess I am so used to saying it)
  16. They all work for me Jeremy. Are you using beta 10579 ?
  17. I have device (Computer) restart unticked and App restart ticked. Fortunately I didn't see the problem that you guys had.
  18. My update restart and hourly updates worked ok. I did my new beta update manually from the GUI after seeing Frank's post that it was available (just for info)
  19. Win 10 20H2 Installed and running via updater. Can I ask what the issue was with the Recommended security reading on the overview panel ? It worked fine me me and opened using my default browser , (as it does with this new build)
  20. That's enough now. Just let the developers deal with this thread.
  21. I have Win 10 20H2 19042.662 It is not an insider build. In Defender -Reputation Based Protection Settings - I do not have Potentially Unwanted Apps Blocking enabled. Plus I have no 'Dismiss' there. I have no problems running EAM with this setting.
  22. Win 10 20H2. Updated and running fine so far.
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