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  1. Frank sometimes there seems to be quite a long delay when you open BB and it populating.

    Open BB from GUI,  pull down screen from that right corner thing.

    It happens for me when BB screen is at its default opening size and you have to drag it down to see all the list.

    Now a thought for you.

    When I get this issue (which I can reproduce each time now)  and wait and wait after I drag the window down I can get it to populate all the windows if I click in it. Reminds me of the context windows scan bug thing.

    I have sent you a gif via pm.


  2. When I turn network lockdown on I get the slide in the middle right of the page with the Deactivate button on it.

    When I want to turn the lockdown off I always seem to have to press the 'deactivate' button twice. The first time nothing happens.

  3. 5 minutes ago, GT500 said:

    During testing I noticed this happen when my mouse was outside of the virtual machine window where the scan was running, and when I moved my mouse back into the window and it hovered over the EAM UI the buttons suddenly appeared. Does attempting to interact with the EAM UI when this happens cause the buttons to appear for you as well?

    Not quite following what you are doing (I think mentioning the VM has confused me --not difficult!)

    For me it is just the text on scan end that is missing until I place cursor/mouse in the window. The buttons are always there. (dark mode used for GUI)

  4. 20 minutes ago, Cranfield said:


    I did mean Windows Defender, sorry for the slip.

    Nothing happening today, no Defender notifications.

    I did a full Emsisoft scan and a Defender scan, both clear.

    Late yesterday I did remove a file I had downloaded early yesterday morning, on the basis it was the only new thing on my PC on the day.
    I did scan the file with Emsisoft and Defender, both saying "no suspicious items", but its been quiet since I removed it, so who knows.

    Hopefully this issue is now dead, but I will post again if it returns.

    Glad to hear you feel it is sorted now.

    Do feel free to post back if you have anymore issues :)

  5. 28 minutes ago, JeremyNicoll said:

    With 10440 ... and WIn 8.1, I don't get a second task icon if I go into Network lockdown.  I tried twice; fine both times.

    I can reproduce each time Jeremy, soon as I press OK on the prompt asking me do I really want to continue the second icon appears.

  6. Just a quick note that when I enable network lockdown I get 2 icons in the taskbar.

    One when I hover over it shows the GUI.

    The other when I hover over it shows nothing.. Is it just a placeholder for the 'deactivate' slide on right middle of screen?



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