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  1. Just a small observation on 11278.

    Open BB in GUI

    Right-click on and item and select 'file properties'

    Then quickly move your cursor out of the GUI to the side of the screen (or anywhere out of the GUI) 

    The right-click menu will stay where your cursor is.

    Same happens if you right-click and select 'edit rule'

    As I said, just a small observation.

  2. Probably related to the above issue

    Emsisoft Protection Service

    Stopped working

    ‎24/‎11/‎2021 04:51

    Report sent

    Faulting Application Path:    C:\Program Files\Emsisoft Anti-Malware\a2service.exe

    Problem signature
    Problem Event Name:    APPCRASH
    Application Name:    a2service.exe
    Application Version:    2021.11.0.11257
    Application Timestamp:    61839e20
    Fault Module Name:    a2core.dll
    Fault Module Version:    2020.5.0.47379
    Fault Module Timestamp:    5eab77f0
    Exception Code:    c0000005
    Exception Offset:    0000000000007f60
    OS Version:    10.0.19044.
    Locale ID:    2057
    Additional Information 1:    2878
    Additional Information 2:    2878ccba139db2b4ced09e2c6258cb1c
    Additional Information 3:    8eae
    Additional Information 4:    8eae8ce78c8698c3e47c81618ae7f8cd

    Extra information about the problem
    Bucket ID:    2dc6262d1787b455f81f06d1a30119cd (1738115478640990669)

    EAM debug logs cannot be attached (error -200) have pm'd them to you instead


  3. Win 10 21H2 EAM build 11257

    This morning after boot the Forensics log is blank and clicking in or on anything does nothing.

    All other areas of EAM GUI are functioning.

    @Frank H  is this an extreme way of you preventing me copy and pasting from the Forensics logs ?


    Edit.. Did another cold boot and Forensics appeared. See logs in post below.


    Screenshot 2021-11-24 051058.jpg

  4. You are using a different EAM version to me.

    Frank something is not right. I can open up the BB and double click on an item then I can copy and paste the selected file name into notepad.

    But I cannot copy and paste from Forensics.

  5. Does it paste into 'ordinary' notepad for you?

    When I right-click in notepad and select the highlighted 'paste'  nothing happens.

    I have tested notepad with other txts and documents etc and copy and paste works in notepad.

    It just doesn't work with the EAM Forensic logs.

  6. Win 10 (I know beta  it's released now)


    Is there a trick to copying items from the Forensics logs to notepad? At the moment it doesn't work for me.

    I open Forensics, double click on an item in the list, and select 'copy'

    It does not copy into notepad even if I highlight it first either.


  7. 8 hours ago, Frank H said:

    This is an automated process and sometime it can occur that there are no sigs available

    Very strange that only BitDefender updates are downloaded every 2 hours. :blink:

    I would be amazed if a situation occurred where there were no EAM updates (eg a2hosts.dat) for a whole weekend, yet the server connects every hour, but then perhaps it was tired and couldn't get the strength to send them to user's machines. :lol:

  8. I use Dark Mode for GUI.

    After a cold boot open GUI and click on the scan icon on the left hand side.

    In the Window that appears there is no indication of what the things in the bottom of the Windows do (Scheduled Scans, Settings , Kit maker) 

    There is no explanations and nothing happens when you hover.

    Things only appear when you click on a word.

    How is that user friendly ?



    Screenshot 2021-11-04 125329.jpg

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