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  1. 5 minutes ago, Frank H said:

    it's a minor UI change.


    Yes but a little pointer to the change would have been nice.

    Thanks for replying, although a bit delayed :)  

  2. Firewall on main GUI has no tooltips and shows no warnings when you switch it off (although Windows Security Center does)

    Has the network lockdown functionality been removed, or is it only available now from right-click options on EAM taskbar icon?

    All very confusing now to what it was before.


    EDIT I found the tiny network lockdown icon on left side of GUI.

    Why don't you pass information like this on when you publish a beta?

  3. 9 minutes ago, Frank H said:

    no idea stapp, it just works for me.

    Not a good enough answer Frank :lol:

    The number on the logs panel has now changed to show the detections.

    So there is either a delay if you do a scan soon as you get a beta update, or the definition update I just had trigged it to appear.

  4. Just wondering Frank....

    Just done a malware scan with new beta. See Forensics log. Why does main GUI say 'no malware objects detected so far'

    I have opened and closed the GUI.


    Screenshot 2022-03-29 131438.jpg

    Screenshot 2022-03-29 131555.jpg

  5. 1 minute ago, Frank H said:

    Windows frees the RAM when it wants to, this is out of our control.

    i just tested and RAM usage went down from 477MB to 376MB in 30 mins.

    I have not usually seen it so high after a scan and it usually releases the memory quite quickly.

    Pointed you too it because it is not usual behaviour on my machine.

    This is after 1 hour


    Screenshot 2022-03-02 155056.jpg

  6. Win 10

    Beta 11399.

    Did a malware scan which lasted the usual 2 minutes.

    Out of interest I looked at the details tab in taskmanager afterwards. a2service seemed very high.

    Waited 15 minutes and looked again. It hasn't gone down at all, in fact it has gone up a little bit.


    Screenshot 2022-03-02 144855.jpg

    Screenshot 2022-03-02 150622.jpg

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