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  1. I made EAM gui full size to check something in the logs.

    Now I cannot find a way at all to resize it. I have even tried altering my screen scaling, but there is no double edged arrow around the gui to pull it to an alterable size.

    Is this related to the fix you did?

  2. 31 minutes ago, marko said:

    I'm pretty sure it's been like this for years Stapp - there's an old thread here where Fabian explains the reasoning behind this

    Well I don't agree with it :) (or Fabian ***stapp waves to him)

    Under Action in Forensics it says 'update finished' if you look at my screenshot.

    So that should be reflected timewise in what is seen in the tray ...the update has finished.

    I hover over my tray icon often to check updates are running OK. When it shows the update as an hour earlier than it should, then it is normal to think there is a problem.




  3. 3 minutes ago, Frank H said:

      found detections counter are hidden when you click the  'new scan'  aka 'close' button. We keep this info visible until user checked the scan results.


    I do not believe for one moment that most users would know that they had to click 'new scan' to get rid of the 100% still scanning thing.

  4. If there are no updates to be downloaded, is it normal for the EAM tray when you hover over it to show that the last update was an hour earlier?

    For example at 14.33 there were no update files to be downloaded Forensics said, so the EAM tray when you hover says the last update was at 13.33

    Surely an update, whether there were files to be downloaded or not, should show in the tray so users now it is working correctly ?