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  1. 25 minutes ago, marko said:

    Have you restarted your machine since beta 9915 was installed ? - the reason I ask is because my machine updated to 9915 at 21:01 yesterday and there are no error 16's  

    Just done it now and still have no problem.. sorry marko.

    At least it's cleared up my GUI problem above which I got while fiddling during a scan :)


  2. 1 hour ago, Frank H said:

    just download the eicar virus testfile

    after download, IE/EDGE/CHROME (not supported by FF) calls EAM and the the browser deletes the file when tagged as malicious by EAM. 
    EAM will show a notification and adds a record to forensics.


    Win10 1909

    Confirmed as working in Vivaldi (Vivaldi deletes the file and entry shows in Forensics) 

    However I can download the file Sandboxied without Vivaldi deleting it :)

  3. How has this improved from last year?


    What we changed in 2018.7 is that we enhanced the OnExecution scan in a way that allows third-party programs and the Windows operating system to access our scanner technology too. Microsoft created specific interfaces called IOfficeAntivirus and AMSI that are used by most modern browsers, script interpreters, and Office programs to make sure the documents that are downloaded and opened do not contain any malware.

    Taken from