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  1. Hi Malik

    I certainly hope I didn't make you feel 'ungifted' or anything like that, it certainly wasn't my intention. As for me being remotely like any of your descriptions (a techie know-it-all) I am a grandmother of five who has had to pick up things along the way as you are wanting to do.

    As I am not a developer I cannot say the tech terms of HOW it protects only that the code used means OA is able to pick out known patterns that malware are likely to use. Coupled with a list of registry locations that can be targeted it makes for a pretty solid protection.

    The 'run safer' abilty that OA offers is another way it can protect you, it can be read about it here


  2. Can you look in the programs list and see if Outlook and Firefox were green in colour and listed as trusted.

    Also if when you try to connect and then look in OA history does it show anything aas being blocked (red in colour)

    How do you connect to the internet? (wired or wireless etc)

    Could you connect to the internet using Internet Explorer?

  3. Both of those threads show that OA 'did the business' and flagged the nasty.

    We could go all techie but to most folk it means little, and this area of the forum is more for problems/issues when running OA. Perhaps read up a bit on HIPS and Sandboxes. I will say it isn't something you can absorb over a cup of coffee!

    Bottom line is OA protects you.

  4. I can understand why Catprincess is asking you to exclude all the mbam folder.

    However I find it very strange that you say that if you do not exclude mbam, and you download flash through your download manager when you have OA installed, you get a trojan warning from mbam.

    This does not happen if you trust the IDM files.

    If you trust the IDM files mbam does not flag flash as a trojan.

    The above only happens with OA installed.

    Very strange

  5. Micheal I can see no way in which ctrlaltdelete has tried to belittle or demean you.

    I can only assume your lack of manners is because of your frustration in trying to use the program.

    When you do the wizard are you trying to set up how you want them to run from within the wizard?

    Are you rebooting into learning mode after the wizard? (because that is when you can set up all your settings as you want them)

    It seems quite logical to me that if you have made a bit of a screw up with your upgrade it may indeed be best do a clean install.

    You are aware that you could have saved all your settings in 4.5 and restored them in version 5?

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