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  1. I installed OA free and everything went fine (except that it took one hour to install).

    Jose you must have bitten all your finger nails away waiting!!

    What did you have installed first MSE or OA?

    Do you have them excluded from each other?

    Do you think you could feel strong enough to run the Safety Check Wizard again and choose trust all? (Perhaps a very large coffee while you wait :))

    Quick question... you have rebooted since installing?

  2. Ordinary logs are in C\Program Files\Online Armor\Logs.

    Debug logs are only available after you have enabled debug logging int OA gui and doubt if you would be able to make use of them as they are usually requested and read by the developers.

    I would strongly suggest that you do the Emsisoft Emergency Kit log requested by ShadowputerDude in your thread in the Malware section. This would then confirm whether malware was present or not.

    If no malware, then we can continue here.

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