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  1. If I was you, I would install each one and see which one suited my machine and needs best
  2. Well no one has reported one that I can remember! Perhaps just put it into the OA exclusions list as you would do with any other security software. Let us know how you get on and welcome to the forums
  3. Just to mention some other free av's for you fotyc, I have used both Avira and Microsoft Security Essentials (at different times of course!) with OA and had no problems. As Willpower mentioned just exclude the av you decide on from OA and OA from the av.
  4. Seems a bit odd Cat that OA's learning mode shows both WinDVD and WinDVDF as fully allowed and yet valrick still cannot get it to work. Computers!!
  5. Perhaps it may be worthwhile uninstalling OA, rebooting twice, and then re-installing OA using the trust all option. If that doesn't sort it then perhaps a dev needs to look at it.
  6. What does it say in OA history about the block? (You can right click on the history entry and select copy to clipboard and paste the entry in a post.)
  7. Have you rebooted yet and seen if it works now at start-up?
  8. Which operating system are you running? Which version of Online Armor? Perhaps try removing it from the programs list and turning on OA learning mode. Then reboot and see if OA 'learns' WinDVD. Then turn learning mode off.
  9. Is WinDVD listed in OA programs as Trusted and green in colour? (you may need to untick the 'hide trusted' box at the bottom of the OA programs list to see it.)
  10. When I tried this site in IE8 I think it required connection to port 1852, a 'virtual time' port? Site works okay for me in IE or Opera. Lot of elements to load though.
  11. In OA History left-click the blocked rule once (this will make it a darker red) Then right-click on the rule and select copy to clipboard. Then copy and paste here what that info on the clipboard says.
  12. Just a couple of questions to start things off. Does this slowdown apply to all browsers or just one in particular? Are you browsers listed as trusted (green) in OA programs list?
  13. How slow are we talking about here malik.. minutes? Seconds? What kind of install did you do trusted or the Safety Check Wizard?
  14. There are some posts about this in a thread on the old forum http://support.online-armor.com/showthread.php?t=13848&page=3 Can you give some info on things such as what operating system you are using, which build of OA you have, and other security programs installed etc.
  15. Perhaps this may help, don't use Avg myself so cannot confirm http://www.avg.com/ww-en/faq?num=2139
  16. ZepZepplin your issue has more to do with getting your money back, a subject which is documented here http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?t=293251 Although I do accept that your refund attempt may have been prompted by OA's refusal to remember your decisions, your refund situation is not really appropriate in this thread.
  17. Jose you must have bitten all your finger nails away waiting!! What did you have installed first MSE or OA? Do you have them excluded from each other? Do you think you could feel strong enough to run the Safety Check Wizard again and choose trust all? (Perhaps a very large coffee while you wait ) Quick question... you have rebooted since installing?
  18. Skyhawk when you 'browse for folder' is there a little + sign next to the C drive? If so click on it and browse to program files and open the + sign there until you see Avast and then click on the avast folder instead of the + sign to get it into the exclusions pane.
  19. Jack what, if any, problems are showing that make you think OA is not working right? Also state your operating system and version of OA. Thanks.
  20. Perhaps one of the things you could try (and often works) is to re-run the Safety Check Wizard and select trust all.
  21. Could you tell us what operating sytem you are using please.
  22. I asked because it has been posted in the Anti Malware/Mamutu area of the forum as opposed to posting it in the OA forum.
  23. Theodore you haven't actually mentioned Emsisoft Anti Malware in your post. Do you actually use it or is this just a question to do with Online Armor and what can be used alongside it?
  24. Make sure you exclude EAM in Online Armor exclusions, and exclude OA in EAM. Reboot and see if all is well then.
  25. Good to hear all is well now. Happy surfing!!
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