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  1. Win 10 build 9144. As part of some troubleshooting I uninstalled 9144 and selected for EAM to remove the everything option. It leaves a Program Folder in C drive with quarantine in it. Surely if I select to remove everything (all folders etc) it should do just that?
  2. It may show in the debug logs you did.
  3. After a quick search was it this you remembered?
  4. It may also be an idea to PM them to Frank.
  5. @JeremyNicoll Have you also changed the 'associate a file type' for .html in Settings? Cannot remember exactly where it lives in Win 8 but probably at the bottom of the page where you set default programs.
  6. Mine in UK is working fine now after missing 2 updates this morning. Probably the server was drunk (It is New Year after all )
  7. I have discovered I can replicate this behaviour after a MALWARE SCAN as well. I have done another .dmp file a2service.7z
  8. Replicated problem again. Tried to open Vivaldi and Edge after scan. Dmp file sent to you via pm. debug logs attached here along with screenshot of scan time in case it helps. a2start_20181229061924(6884).zip
  9. Hi Frank, Did as you asked. I was able to open CDBurner Pro from desktop icon after the scan, and then I tried the browser, which wouldn't open. Logs attached a2guard_20181228191153(6616).zip
  10. You will have to wait another hour or so because I have to do the custom scan first and then I wait 5 minutes or so before I can do what you ask. I know that I struggled to open Task Manager after this last scan. I will try now another scan and then open CD Burner XP and a few others as a test Frank with it being Xmas/Boxing Day etc., I forgot to look in Reliability History when I made the first post in this thread, here is what it said. There is nothing there for today though.
  11. Restarted machine after updating to 9131 Followed the steps above. Same thing happened. Debug logs attached a2start_20181228171640(6624).zip
  12. Back in about an hour with results Frank.
  13. Clean Win 10 install machine. No EAM. Vivaldi browser run under Sandboxie. Downloaded extension from Chrome store. Blocks 2 test sites mentioned above instantly.
  14. See here for thread with more info
  15. Vivaldi supports Chrome extensions.
  16. Perhaps you should put a direct link in thread for people like me
  17. Why should I have to install it manually? I thought as Vivaldi is based on Chrome and its extensions, that it would auto install. Oh well.
  18. It doesn't for me on Vivaldi
  19. So where is it in Vivaldi?
  20. Perhaps you mean this link Frank
  21. Were the logs of this behaviour of any use?
  22. Pity it wasn't posted here as well.
  23. Win 10 1809. EAM 9112. I noticed this the other day, but with it being Xmas I was too busy to make a report. So I reproduced the behaviour again today. Custom scan of C drive only and I did not use the machine in anyway while scan was running or until I looked at details of scan. Left it to run and it completed flagging Eicar as usual. I left the window open. About 10 mins or so later I looked at the scan report details. I closed the scan window and tried to open my browser. First I tried Sandboxied, then without Sandboxie. I tried to open CD Burner XP. It was as if something was preventing it and I am sure it was EAM after a custom scan and being left open afterwards. I can reproduce the behaviour each time. A definitions update occurred each time while the scan was running (just for info) Debug logs attached a2service_20181226043717(1660).zip
  24. Same to you Frank, and all other testers, employees, and the rest of the world