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  1. Win 10 2004 build 10275.

    With EAM GUI window open, the minimize window does not work for me at the moment. 

    The close button works, and the expand button works.

    Clicking on the minimize button does absolutely nothing. It is dead.

  2. Win 10 2004 after auto update.

    Can I ask what the hotfix was for, and if there were any interesting tweaks please.

    (Resetting counters and logs still gives the same info in Forensics, so I guess this will be altered at a later date)


  3. Win 10 2004 after auto update.

    Sometimes I select ''clear all logs and reset folders' when I get a new build.

    When I do that it says in Forensics 'Settings restored to default''

    It gives the impression that everything in Settings has been restored to default (which is not the case)


  4. 4 minutes ago, Frank H said:

    a2start CPU and RAM usage should be improved in beta 2020.7.0.10259, we're still on that.


    I may need to restart machine as my a2start is usually quite low but it hasn't dropped much at all since I updated.