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  1. You only get the arcade icon when you take the tick out of the box for 'don't show notifications in silent mode''

    The mode will not stop updates (that is not what it is for)

    It will stop the update notification appearing on your screen when you are playing a game which is using all of the screen on your PC

    People don't like their games etc being interrupted like this :)

  2. Do you see the arcade game character over the EAM taskbar icon?


    Enter Silent mode – Silent mode ensures your full-screen sessions can proceed without interruptions by suspending updates and notifications, and silently and automatically answering alerts according to the recommended default actions. When Silent  mode is active a yellow arcade game character is displayed over the Emsisoft shield icon as a visual reminder.


  3. 7 minutes ago, Garry J. Berry said:

    No updates apparently available for 23-hours at time of writing on both my & my wife's 2 separate laptops - is there a technical problem with these updates or is it a case of just waiting for new updates to be issued?  We are long-time Emsisoft users & this is the longest break in updates we have experienced.  Thanks, Garry in sunny Devon, UK.

    See here


    They are busy fixing it.

  4. The updates look to be having issues again. I have only had one single file update in the last 8 hours.

    I've contacted Emsisoft through th GUI.

    Let's see if anyone responds.

    Cranfield have you tried unticking Memory Use Optimisation in the Advanced settings?

  5. The answers are the same as you were given here


    Specifically this comment from Fabian Wosar



     Emisoft's CTO, Fabian Wosar concluded: "Since emerging in 2016, Dharma has been reverse engineered to death by the entire malware research community. If a flaw existed that enabled the encryption to be broken, it would almost certainly have been discovered a long time ago. To break Dharma within any of our lifetimes without having discovered a flaw would require access to a quantum computer that is capable of running Shor's algorithm. The highest number ever factorized using said algorithm and quantum computers is 21, which is just short of the 307 digits that would be required to break Dharama."



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