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  1. @marko Did you zip the logs first? (you know, select them, right-click and select send to compressed zip) If not, try that. I have no problem with a context menu scan on a desktop file. Is this on Win 10 1903?
  2. Versuchen Sie Einstellungen ... Erweitert ... Sprache der Benutzeroberfläche
  3. Copy and paste license number still doesn't work on 9795
  4. Please attach the original file of ransom note and several encrypted files to your message so that one of our experts can examine them.
  5. Please attach the original file of ransom note and several encrypted files to your message so that one of our experts can examine them.
  6. Just wondering what type of scan it was Jeremy.. a malware scan?
  7. Any confirmation of this issue Frank?
  8. On main page of GUI click 'View details' for licence. Click 'show licence' Right-click and select copy. You cannot paste it anywhere, so that right-click option doesn't work. EDIT.. I've already mentioned this issue to GT500 but thought I'd post it here as well to make it 'official' !!
  9. Can you upload a copy of the ransom note along with an encrypted file to ID Ransomware so that you can verify which ransomware you are dealing with to this site here: You can paste a link to the results into a reply so that one of our experts can review them.
  10. The out of band Win Update which came through was KB4524147 and was not a preview. It
  11. I asked as there was a Cumulative Update which came through in the last 24 hours and required a restart. Glad to here you are back to normal now Cranfield
  12. Have you installed all Windows Updates and restarted the machine?
  13. Smooth upgrade here too. We've no idea what changed as nobody will tell us, so we don't have a clue what to monitor !
  14. See here for hotfix
  15. Возможно, это связано с геолокацией? Какая у вас операционная система? Вы пытались включить и снова отключить блокировку сети? Также есть какие-либо обновления Windows, ожидающие установки? Perhaps it is to do with geolocation? What is your operating system ? Have you tried turning the network lock on and then off again? Also are there any Windows updates pending install ?
  16. Вы пробовали перезагрузить компьютер?
  17. Please upload a copy of the ransom note and an encrypted file here and post back with the result.
  18. Looks like this will be a long running saga
  19. Just in case there is a misunderstanding. Mouse over the notification popup itself... not the notification area .
  20. True. But scan and clean has nothing to do with network lockdown and firewall. Are you saying that the on/off buttons are where the are purely to be in line with the tile above them ? Surely the position of the on/off buttons should be placed to relate to the network lockdown and firewall and not anything else. After all, the GUI is not there just to look pretty and have the squares matching.
  21. That's true Jeremy. I should have phrased it better. Why doesn't it show as LibreOffice when that's how the taskmanager sees it.
  22. Win 10 1903. EAM 9681. LibreOffice Just wondering why it doesn't show in BB list.