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  1. At last, an update has come through. Let's hope updates stays working
  2. Updates broken again. Cannot even send an email to support through the GUI.
  3. stapp

    Beta 11254

    The word search on the forum is the same depth of colour as everything I type on the forum In the GUI it is not. It is very hard to see it.
  4. I use Dark Mode for GUI. After a cold boot open GUI and click on the scan icon on the left hand side. In the Window that appears there is no indication of what the things in the bottom of the Windows do (Scheduled Scans, Settings , Kit maker) There is no explanations and nothing happens when you hover. Things only appear when you click on a word. How is that user friendly ?
  5. stapp

    Beta 11254

    Why is the word 'search' almost greyed out in Logs and Behaviour Blocker ? All other words are bolded.
  6. stapp

    Beta 11254

    Although I am glad I use the Dark Screen setting for the GUI. The bright one makes me scream in pain !!
  7. Autoupdated. No issues. I actually like the new GUI
  8. You only get the arcade icon when you take the tick out of the box for 'don't show notifications in silent mode'' The mode will not stop updates (that is not what it is for) It will stop the update notification appearing on your screen when you are playing a game which is using all of the screen on your PC People don't like their games etc being interrupted like this
  9. Do you see the arcade game character over the EAM taskbar icon?
  10. Also check you have nothing in quarantine, EAM re-scans it after an update.
  11. See here https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/38447-updates-broken/?tab=comments#comment-221718 They are busy fixing it.
  12. Im Moment gibt es ein Problem mit Updates. Emsisoft ist sich dessen bewusst und arbeitet daran, es zu beheben.
  13. Can someone from Emsisoft please post about the fact that the updates are well and truly broken. I haven't had any since yesterday morning.
  14. The updates look to be having issues again. I have only had one single file update in the last 8 hours. I've contacted Emsisoft through th GUI. Let's see if anyone responds. Cranfield have you tried unticking Memory Use Optimisation in the Advanced settings?
  15. Or you can just press Start and immediately type the words Reliability History and click on it. (no need to type in a box or anything as Windows does it all automagically for you) Any errors you just double click on them and they will give you the details.
  16. All the companies you mention are so much larger than Emsisoft. The number of employees Emsisoft has are in two figures compared to what other companies have. Therefore I would say that their resources are limited and they have had to decide what to support.
  17. I believe that the support is only available through Microsoft for Windows 7 etc if you have purchased Extended Security Updates https://www.dell.com/support/kbdoc/en-uk/000184542/windows-7-extended-security-updates
  18. @Frank H Any news on when the updates may be fixed?
  19. I have only had one file updated in the last 4 hours.
  20. Just received a large number of updates so I guess it may have been a server issue.
  21. @Frank H I do not think the issue is fixed. I have had just 2 files updated in the last 7 hours.
  22. There have no updates on EAM for me today. Are updates broken again?
  23. Still down, but then so is Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram at the moment.
  24. Support is aware now Batman. Thanks
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