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  1. You can enable EEK logs by going to Settings...Advanced and scrolling down to Debug Logs, then select via the drop down arrow how long you want them enabled for. The logs will be found in C\ProgramData\Emsisoft \Logs.
  2. Win 10 20H2 Installer by running manual updater. No issues with update.
  3. Note that Ull also had the same issue using Chrome and Edge. Which does seem to point to Nord as the culprit.
  4. The machine I am on has no wifi just an ethernet cable. I have just checked again, went to the hub url, entered my password and was allowed in. I have no idea why you cannot get in Mine is an older version of the home hub but that shouldn't matter really. Have you tried without EAM running?
  5. Not to mine it doesn't (I also have a BT hub) Have you tried a different browser..Edge?
  6. Are you using 192.168. 1.254 ? A lot of the BT router urls seem to be http. Does this work? http://bthomehub.home/html/home/home.html
  7. https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/34268-new-variant-offline-id-ogdo/?tab=comments#comment-209656
  8. Installed via autoupdater. It would be nice if the log showed that a new version of EEK had been installed instead of just saying 'downloaded and installed (insert number) files'
  9. @Arcus You could press the start flag (bottom left of your taskbar ) and immediately type the words reliability history and click on the app when it comes up. (You do not need to type the words reliability history into a box as Windows does it all automagically for you) When the graph appears you should see red crosses on the day the crash happened. Click on them for info about what happened.
  10. Ich wollte nur, dass Sie versuchen, ein Häkchen in das Kästchen zu setzen, das Kästchen zu schließen, es wieder zu öffnen und das Häkchen herauszunehmen
  11. Versuchen Sie möglicherweise, das Kontrollkästchen für den Proxyserver zu deaktivieren und erneut zu aktivieren. Starten Sie dann Ihren Computer neu.
  12. Confirmed as fixed here with 10501
  13. Frank sometimes there seems to be quite a long delay when you open BB and it populating. Open BB from GUI, pull down screen from that right corner thing. It happens for me when BB screen is at its default opening size and you have to drag it down to see all the list. Now a thought for you. When I get this issue (which I can reproduce each time now) and wait and wait after I drag the window down I can get it to populate all the windows if I click in it. Reminds me of the context windows scan bug thing. I have sent you a gif via pm.
  14. Frank you are such a big liar
  15. When I turn network lockdown on I get the slide in the middle right of the page with the Deactivate button on it. When I want to turn the lockdown off I always seem to have to press the 'deactivate' button twice. The first time nothing happens.
  16. Installed via autoupdates on Win 10 20H2. No issues. Noticed that with Application Restarts notification unticked, changeover from old beta to new beta is almost instant. Scan ok, although this bug still happens after a context menu scan https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/34150-eam-gui-missing-text-and-buttons-after-context-menu-scan/
  17. What version and build of Windows are you running? Have you tried re-starting your machine, and waiting a minute or two before you look in Windows Security Centre ? (gives things time to settle a bit.)
  18. Click on the message envelope https://support.emsisoft.com/profile/18745-gt500/
  19. Just did a full uninstall of EAM with 2 reboots. Doesn't happen with new install
  20. Can you give a bit more info such as your operating system? Also is this a new thing and you have had EAM installed for a while? Have you recently done a restart of your machine to see if that makes a difference?
  21. @marko mentions that he gets the buttons issue that you mention, but not every time. However, like us, he gets the missing text each time.
  22. Not quite following what you are doing (I think mentioning the VM has confused me --not difficult!) For me it is just the text on scan end that is missing until I place cursor/mouse in the window. The buttons are always there. (dark mode used for GUI)
  23. Confirmed here. I right-clicked on an item to do a context menu scan. I immediately moved my cursor away from the GUI while it did the scan. ''No suspicious files found'' does not appear in the GUI window after the scan until I place my cursor inside the GUI.
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