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  1. Let us hope Jeremy that signing in to the online Management Console does not become a mandatory requirement of use for single users.

    As a single user I do not see a need or point in going online to see what my machine has done, or is doing, when the machine is in front of me.


    The issue in your post is indeed an odd one, hopefully @Frank H or @GT500 will be able to sort it out.

  2. 41 minutes ago, Frank H said:

    it's EDR and it is a folder that contains a database used for an upcoming cool feature.

    So it's top secret ? :ph34r:

    Will it be able to be used by single users?

  3. This morning after a cold boot once again Defender isn't showing EAM as being in charge. 

    EAM says it is and is updating as normal. They are both doing their own thing.

     Just did the old turn off WSC integration, wait a few seconds, and then turn it on again.

    EAM is now showing as being in charge.



  4. Win 10 19042.906

    After boot this morning once again for me EAM is not shown as being in charge. You are not aware of this unless you open WSC, and click on Virus and Threat protection.

    I will include debug logs in my report even though you said they showned no reason for it when I last reported it


    along with another user


    Why are there so many entries with ERROR next to them in the a2service log?

    EDIT.. odd thing is EAM is downloading updates as normal hourly and Defender has run a scan :blink:




  5. 56 minutes ago, Frank H said:

    those seconds are just rounded, so when it takes 0,3 sec, it will be rounded to 0. 

    Frank it was the fact that both those entries were listed for the same time in Forensics which is not a usual occurrence.

    It had nothing to do with the time they took.

    Also I don't see any other 'Update initiated'..'Update finished' entries in Forensics .

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