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  1. 4 minutes ago, Frank H said:

    a2start CPU and RAM usage should be improved in beta 2020.7.0.10259, we're still on that.


    I may need to restart machine as my a2start is usually quite low but it hasn't dropped much at all since I updated.

  2. 31 minutes ago, andrewek said:

    Hello all!

    I checked again!
    Yes, the problem is that the a2guard.exe crashes only when the notification about connecting an removable device is turned on.
    If you turn off the notification, the problem disappears.

    This doesn't happen on my machine and I have the notification turned on.

    I don't have core isolation turned on.

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  3. Okay Frank you lied  :P

    I open Edge.. I get browser security slide.. .I say install now.... and it is Edge page that offers the extension not Vivaldi my default browser.

    Or is that because it is a Chrome based browser?

  4. Well that's that sorted !! (don't show again install etc)😀

    So I open new Edge, I get the browser security slide, I click install now and my default browser (Vivaldi) opens.

    Are you saying that will install it in Edge if I do this? (seems odd..confusing)

    Asking so I  know what to expect when I try it