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  1. Just now, GT500 said:

    It seems to only be the one for the .NET Framework that is installing automatically. The Cumulative Update Preview for Windows 10 is listed as optional, and is waiting for confirmation to download/install.

    As for why the .NET Framework preview updates are installing automatically, you may need to ask Microsoft via the Answers forum.

    .Net preview installed automatically for me too on my machines this time.

     Usually for the previews you have to select 'Check for Updates' but not this time for me, soon as I went to Win Updates it started checking automatically.

  2. I have quite a few different types of eicar files that I keep in downloads so I can test EAM scanner.

    I always have EAM set to ALERT so that I can see in Forensic logs what they found.

    Today I was copying my pics and docs (including downloads) onto a memory stick as an additional backup along side Macrium.

    EAM quarantined 2 of the items... why?

    The other 2 eicar were left in downloads and copied over to the memory stick. (they were zip files)


    Screenshot 2021-02-07 155551.jpg

    Screenshot 2021-02-07 155716.jpg

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