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  1. See my post above.
  2. I rebooted after the update to release it.
  3. Can I just ask a little question ? How long should it take for a2start to show a drop in task manager Details tab after closing the EAM GUI ?
  4. Via manual updates Win 10 1909 running EAM binary (10100 !!) Can you give a clue as to any of the fixes?
  5. What operating system are you using? Did you restart the PC after installing the beta before trying the USB remove?
  6. Installed via auto updates on Win 10 1909. All seems ok. Not really convinced that the GUI is underlining correct area when a selection is made.
  7. stapp

    CLOSED EEK 10065

    Ah yes I did I forgot about that as I had downloaded and run a new version of EEK to test the usb thing.
  8. In EEK settings you can select to enable beta updates. Then you just update. If you want to go back to the stable version you just de-select the beta option and update) Everything is the same except you are using the latest beta version (remember it is a beta.) See also
  9. stapp

    CLOSED EEK 10065

    Frank I just did some more scans to troubleshoot this and EEK caught eicar this time even though Defender is turned on. In fact I did 3 scans and each time EEK won the race So how did that happen if Defender is supposed to catch it first ?
  10. @BlueCreeper512 I am using beta 10065 of EEK and cannot confirm your findings. Perhaps it only happens on stable 10048 version where there was an issue with the driver not unloading on program close. This issue is fixed in beta version 10065.
  11. This is an English speaking forum. Please use Google translate. What operating system are you using? Is your PC up to date and all updates installed? Have you restarted your machine recently? Ceci est un forum anglophone. Veuillez utiliser Google translate. Quel système d'exploitation utilisez-vous? Votre PC est-il à jour et toutes les mises à jour sont-elles installées? Avez-vous redémarré votre machine récemment?
  12. Installed via autoupdates on Win 10 1909. GUI seems to behave a bit better By the way, how many times during a malware scan should it say 'enumerating files' ?
  13. Main page shows 10024 as stable
  14. It never affected me much until now.
  15. @Frank H Do you have any confirmation of the GUI issue I am seeing?
  16. stapp

    CLOSED EEK 10065

    Thanks for the explanation Frank.
  17. Thanks. By the way, there is definitely something not right with the GUI as shown in my screenshot above. It's still doing it sometimes despite trying other areas of the settings.
  18. I can confirm that EEK build 10065 folder on Win 10 will now delete via right-click
  19. Win 10 1909 with all updates. Updated beta enabled 10048 to 10065 without issue. Did a malware scan and again Defender caught eicar first (debug logs and screenie attached) There is no trace of eicar on machine now even though I selected for Defender to allow it. Can confirm that right-click delete now works on EEK folder using Win10 Downloaded and installed EEK again. I noticed in Forensics that it says ''detect pups has been changed to enabled'' It didn't ask me about that!!
  20. Win 10 1909 all updates. Autoupdated without issue. Noticed that whenever I choose Settings.... Permissions, it shows Updates as underlined in the GUI. It may correct itself perhaps after a reboot. Just looking around at the moment. What do you mean by 'Setting the Administrator password''? Do you mean that setting wasn't working as expected in some cases?
  21. Also Frank and the team are aware of this issue on Win 10. You should be able to delete EEK on Win 10 after trying to...rebooting...... and then trying again.
  22. Have a read here to start you off Info for each item is on right-hand side of page (I mention that as is it's in that light grey colour that sometimes can be tricky to see) Also see here
  23. To find out what version of Windows 10 you have, click the start flag (bottom left of taskbar) and immediately type the word winver and click on it (no need to enter it into a box or anything)
  24. What operating system are you using? (E.g. Windows 10 version 1909) Are all Windows updates installed and the machine has been restarted? What browser are you downloading with? Can you download any other software ok?