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  1. 34 minutes ago, marko said:

    well I'm back again as I'm even more confused now (I'm over 59 too) - according to Frank, we wouldn't notice the fix until 2021.2, yet you seem to be saying that yours restarted by itself in 2021.1 ?

    Yes it did, and Jeremy's did too.

    It's probably Frank that's confused :lol:


  2. 8 hours ago, JeremyNicoll said:


    @Frank H  - that's a surprising comment from an employee of a privacy-focussed company.  I'm older (and maybe grumpier)...

    It's not a problem Jeremy.

    It's a joke between us. He was being kind.

    I am much older than that unfortunately  :)


  3. Unusually EAM didn't do a restart of itself after the autoupdate of new beta after boot this morning.

    Logs and screenie attached.

    I would never have known about the needed restart if I hadn't looked at the logs. I know that restart box is only shown for 20 seconds but how are people supposed to know if they don't read Forensics?



    Screenshot 2020-12-25 050014.jpg


  4. Win 10 20H2

    Installed and running via updater.

    Can I ask what the issue was with the Recommended security reading on the overview panel ?

    It worked fine me me and opened using my default browser , (as it does with this new build)

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