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  1. Autoupdated without any issues.
  2. This morning after a cold boot once again Defender isn't showing EAM as being in charge. EAM says it is and is updating as normal. They are both doing their own thing. Just did the old turn off WSC integration, wait a few seconds, and then turn it on again. EAM is now showing as being in charge.
  3. I understand what you mean as I get the same issue with my memory
  4. Do you mean this Minimalist? https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/33516-why/?
  5. What operating system do you have? Any other security software? What build number of EAM are you running? The latest version is build 10785 released on the 1st April.
  6. Win 10 19042.906 After boot this morning once again for me EAM is not shown as being in charge. You are not aware of this unless you open WSC, and click on Virus and Threat protection. I will include debug logs in my report even though you said they showned no reason for it when I last reported it https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/34945-windows-security-center-issue-beta-10724/ along with another user https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/33533-wsc-integration-problems-with-latest-version/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-212851 Why are there so many entries with ERROR next to them in the a2service log? EDIT.. odd thing is EAM is downloading updates as normal hourly and Defender has run a scan a2start_20210401034312(8024).zip
  7. More info https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/global-privacy-control-gpc-is-a-new-initiative-to-help-people-enforce-their-rights.433155/
  8. https://globalprivacycontrol.github.io/gpc-spec/ https://globalprivacycontrol.github.io/gpc-spec/#the-sec-gpc-header-field-for-http-requests
  9. You can attach them as txt files or zip files. They can only be opened by Emsisoft staff to ensure your privacy.
  10. I use Emsisoft and Wise Vector together without any problems. Works well for me
  11. Are you sure Comodo Internet Security is totally uninstalled? https://help.comodo.com/topic-72-1-766-12685-.html
  12. I did see something similar a little while ago. https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/34945-windows-security-center-issue-beta-10724/
  13. Windows 10 20h2 beta 10726 Cold booted machine this morning. After a few minutes I went to use it. Win Explorer kept crashing and things were impossible to use or open. EAM protection service was at 95% (when I managed to get task manager open) Had to do a hard shutdown. Debug logs attached and a screenshot. After another cold boot all is well. a2guard_20210314043128(7988).zip
  14. I am glad you got it sorted andrewek Enjoy the rest of your weekend !!
  15. Have you clicked on the word 'Name' at the top of the list ?
  16. Well it has happened twice today and I know for sure that I was eating a meal at one of the times so the GUI wasn't open.. Just passing on info Frank
  17. Protection will work. It supports the likes of Vivaldi and Opera The message shown when you open EAM webpage protection (says it does not support this default browser) means that it has only checked for the MAIN browsers as default . I guess it cannot check for them all
  18. Frank it was the fact that both those entries were listed for the same time in Forensics which is not a usual occurrence. It had nothing to do with the time they took. Also I don't see any other 'Update initiated'..'Update finished' entries in Forensics .
  19. A bit of an odd thing to see. It not something that shows usually.
  20. I just wonder sometimes if people don't see the issue because they open WSC and under Virus and Threat protection it says no action needed. It is not until you click on Virus and Threat that it shows that EAM is not in charge.
  21. Oh well. What other info would be needed apart from debug logs? It hasn't occurred again so it may have been a race which WSC won
  22. Did you ever get a reply on this from QA ? (yes I know it was a year ago but scan logs just keep piling up and should have an option in UI to clear them.)
  23. This fixed it. Hopefully logs might show why it happened this morning.
  24. I tend to install the previews anyway so it didn't really bother me. I have never had one 'upset' my machine.
  25. .Net preview installed automatically for me too on my machines this time. Usually for the previews you have to select 'Check for Updates' but not this time for me, soon as I went to Win Updates it started checking automatically.
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