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  1. Is Turbo Tax showing in OA programs list as allowed and trusted ? (green in colour)
  2. Updates are downloading...very, very slowly (approx. 49000KB)
  3. Let me know if any more Fiddler logs are needed. No updates here either.
  4. kamry2009 you have enough posts under your belt to know the correct procedure when posting for help with malware removal. Please follow the steps listed here and post the requested logs
  5. Glad to hear everything is okay now
  6. Is all okay now jollyruss? (I have Defender running alongside EAM on Win 7 64bit without any problems by the way)
  7. Hello Please follow the steps outlined here Then post the requested logs in the 'Help, my PC is infected!' area of the forum where one of our experts will help you.
  8. See here
  9. Please follow the steps here and post the logs, then one of our Malware removal experts can help you.
  10. I have moved your thread here as you posted it in the area for infected machines. What does it say in the Window when it is 'stuck'? Does it say where in the drive it is? (e.g C\Windows) Does it 'stick' at 50% on any drive you scan? Or does it just stick on a certain folder? What happens if you just leave it, does it move on eventually?
  11. Michael do you have 2 separate Emsisoft programs installed? Online Armor < Firewall Emsisoft Anti Malware < this is the anti virus one.
  12. You have 2 security suites installed both with firewalls, only one firewall should be running to avoid conflicts.. You have too much security software running at one time . I suggest you uninstall one of the security suites and do excludes for the remaining security software from each other.
  13. Please submit it. Thank you
  14. Please follow the steps here and post the requested logs then one of our Malware Removal experts can help you
  15. One of those things that happened and all is sorted now, combofix is back in full use again on Malware Removal forums.
  16. Do you have Avira excluded in OA and OA excluded in Avira?
  17. Just for info, I have just downloaded EEK file from server11 and it matches size and MD5 given by Fabian.
  18. I use Sandboxie so when i arrive on forum I am always signed in. When I said I was on the forum, and then opened the link from EAM GUI, please note the forum page was still open. Likewise when I opened the support page from the main EAM webpage, I still had the forum page open. The difference was that I was brought to the support forum signed in via the EAM webpage link, but not signed in from the EAM GUI support forum link
  19. If I am here on forum, signed in and then open EAM ( and click on the support forum link on main page of GUI I am brought to the forum but I am not signed in. If I am here on forum, signed in and then open the main Emsisoft page and click on the support forum link I am brought to the forum and I am signed in. Why is there a difference? This is using Win 8 IE10 desktop and I have set it up so links open in desktop IE10.
  20. Same here, no java on my machine either.
  21. There are no files to recover. Sandboxie (which is set to delete on exit) just closes without offering to recover anything. Opera on Win 7 64bit works sandboxed as normal and recovers the download. Only thing different today I can think of is new EAM build. Win 8 IE10 recovers downloads okay with Sandboxie and EAM If no one else has this issue I will look for another cause.
  22. Has anyone using IE9 on Win 7 64bit had any problem recovering files after downloading them with the browser sandboxed (Sandboxie) in quick recovery? This is with EAM installed
  23. Please follow the steps here and post the requested logs then one of our Malware Removal experts can help you.