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  1. Please follow the step here and post the requested logs then one of our Malware removal experts can help you.
  2. You know the rules G-Hot. Post the requested logs.
  3. When I go here The little window on the left of the page under 'best in test' gives me a 503 error when I click on 'cleans every malware'
  4. What happens if you reboot after taking OA off 'block all network traffic'? Do you have it on this setting often or is it just a test for this? /off topic good luck with the Virgin superhub, many posts online about its performance, also have a friend with one, he calls it a superdud ! /back on topic
  5. Please follow the steps here and post the requested logs then one of our spyware removal experts can help you.
  6. Please follow the steps here and post the requested logs then one of our malware removal experts can help you
  7. Do you actually have Windows 7 Service Pack 1 installed?
  8. Thanks for posting bocl Also mentioned here
  9. Please follow the steps here and post the requested logs then one of our Malware Experts can help you.
  10. Have you tried just one security app along side OA instead of those 3? Seems a bit overkill (but that's just my personal opinion)
  11. When doing a manual scan Riskware will only be scanned when using the 'Custom' scan settings and you have Riskware enabled in the settings there.
  12. I have the same setup as you (OA and EAM on Win764bit SP1) and do not have this problem. When you reinstall OA are you reinstalling any OA settings from the previous install? Do you have OA and EAM excluded from each other? Did you have OA already installed and this just happened or was it after you installed OA for first time? In OA programs list (with hide trusted box at bottom unticked) is everthing showing as trusted and green in colour?
  13. It is strange because I also use OA on Win7 64bit (although I have it with EAM) and do not see the problem that you have. Have you tried uninstalling Avast, rebooting and then see what happens to OA then? (I suggest this as a test only I do not expect you to run your machine this way as I'm sure you know)
  14. Do you have anything that you have set as blocked or set to ask?
  15. Perhaps try deleting the pkzip program from OA program file list, rebooting and then running the program again and making sure you select allow and trust when asked on running it again.
  16. And have you made the suggested exclusions? Also, at OA install it turns off Windows Firewall for you, and should you uninstall OA it will automatically turn Windows Firewall back on again.
  17. Did you excude Kav in OA and OA in Kav as recommended by catprincess in the above post? You seem to have found out a few things over on Wilders to help you as well. So it's OA Premium you have and not OA free as you say on Wilders?
  18. Is it really finished, does it say scan finished? If it doesn't SAY the scan is finished, have you tried just leaving it for a while? At some point it will generate a file list of c:\windows folder and once it is finished enumerating them it will start scanning the files there. This can take a few minutes depending on the amount of files you have so it may seem like it is 'stuck' at some point in the scan.
  19. In the OA programs list do you have the 'hide trusted' box unticked?
  20. Vaper you did all the hard work, I just watched Have fun!
  21. There should be no problem at all using your key, if there is let us know and one of the admins will see to it for you. Make sure you are online when you install of course
  22. Perhaps some more thorough action is needed. You could uninstall OA to make sure it doesn't interfere with the following steps, reboot twice, reinstall AVG and the uninstall it again. This should enable the avg uninstaller to remove all the leftover file and driver remnants. OA can then be reinstalled. I know it sounds like hard work but it may be the only way to make sure those AVG remnants are removed
  23. Yes you may need to show hidden files and folders as it points out in the link Unhide, and have another look.