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  1. Just did a full uninstall of EAM with 2 reboots. Doesn't happen with new install
  2. Can you give a bit more info such as your operating system? Also is this a new thing and you have had EAM installed for a while? Have you recently done a restart of your machine to see if that makes a difference?
  3. @marko mentions that he gets the buttons issue that you mention, but not every time. However, like us, he gets the missing text each time.
  4. Not quite following what you are doing (I think mentioning the VM has confused me --not difficult!) For me it is just the text on scan end that is missing until I place cursor/mouse in the window. The buttons are always there. (dark mode used for GUI)
  5. Confirmed here. I right-clicked on an item to do a context menu scan. I immediately moved my cursor away from the GUI while it did the scan. ''No suspicious files found'' does not appear in the GUI window after the scan until I place my cursor inside the GUI.
  6. Glad to hear you feel it is sorted now. Do feel free to post back if you have anymore issues
  7. Do you mean Windows Defender or Bit Defender?
  8. I can reproduce each time Jeremy, soon as I press OK on the prompt asking me do I really want to continue the second icon appears.
  9. Just a quick note that when I enable network lockdown I get 2 icons in the taskbar. One when I hover over it shows the GUI. The other when I hover over it shows nothing.. Is it just a placeholder for the 'deactivate' slide on right middle of screen?
  10. Weird that EAM lists it as trusted.
  11. Updated to new beta. Anything of interest? Details a bit high after the new beta update but they will go down after a cold boot
  12. Much better now Did a cold boot and it ''released'' those high EAM figures.
  13. For me these are a bit high, mine are usually lower than that. It always happens after a new beta download of defs.
  14. Win 10 2004 Did a manual update to this beta. All seems ok. As usual under the Details tab in Taskmanager the reading for the 3 EAM things are high. They usually come down after a restart of machine.
  15. Auto updated without issue. Lots of different items in the defs Just wondering why there is no info shown for this in the BB list
  16. Win 10 2004 EAM 10390 EAM had a little issue auto updating at boot this morning. Managed it manually. a2guard_20200915044143(6540).zip
  17. Can you say what operating system you are using. Also what Emsisoft product (EAM or EEK) What build number of it are you using ? How long has this problem been going on? Can you access the internet for other things such as browsing etc?
  18. No issue with autoupdate. ''Tweaks and Fixes'' ? Any info?
  19. The reason I posted was because the manual update button showed no response yesterday when on network lockdown. I shall test it again later. I can understand why you have posted the warnings (even if the lock is shown on the EAM taskbar icon)
  20. I see that the way you have gotten around this is to give no notification at all now when the 'ok' button is pressed to clear all logs and reset folders. The only reason you know it has been successful is that Forensics is empty.
  21. Win 10 2004 Beta 10381 May I ask why it has been decided to show this when using network lockdown? EAM updates are no longer allowed through when in lockdown. They used to be. I was slightly confused with the 2nd warning as there was no X to close it but then seen it was movable. Trouble was it was in the way of my CCleaner ''run Cleaner button''. I use EAM network lockdown as a quick way to stop the CCleaner phone home etc
  22. Auto updated without issue. Windows 10 2004
  23. If you click on the 'Details' tab at the top of the Task Manager it should show which part of EAM is using the CPU (a2guard, a2service or a2start)
  24. I'm sure the devs will let us know (welcome to the senile club !!)
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