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  1. 3 hours ago, Frank H said:


    ps. you sent logs.db3 instead of the debuglogs :P. i've replicated the issue, so we have the debuglogs now.

    Frank with EAM debug logs are easy to find C\Progdata\Emsi\logs

    With EEK I cannot find them even though I have debug logging enabled (selected always option)

    Tell me where they are please  (a tooltip on debug logging for EEK would be handy)

    There are none in C\EEK logs only logs.db3, and none in ProgData\Emsisoft, only updates.

  2. Using 10048 on Win 10 build 10083.720

    Okay. I installed EEK. I updated it and turned on beta updates and debug logs and updated again. Now using 10048 on Win 10 build. 

    I closed EEK.

    I did cmd as admin for query. Please see screenshots and logs attached.

    I still cannot uninstall via right-click delete.

    Did a malware scan and EEK caught eicar this time. This was with WD real time on. So perhaps there was a race last time and WD won.

    Why does Emsisoft allow the updates folder to stay on the machine when EEK is deleted?



    Annotation 2020-03-15 074414.jpg
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    Annotation 2020-03-15 075008.jpg
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  3. Win 10 1909

    Updated to new beta.. no issues with update.

    1.....Did a malware scan and something odd happened. EEK always catches my eicar.txt file in downloads. This time it didn't, instead during the EEK scan Windows Defender notified me and I told it to allow it (see screenshot).

    EEK scan then did not catch the eicar file in the scan. Does it pick up on Defender allowing it?

    2..... Why is there a Emsisoft folder in ProgramData? It is called Updates and has only BD definitions listed in there but both files are empty. It does not get deleted with the other things in C\EEK obviously.

    3.... When will I be able to use right-click delete on the C\EEK folder without being told it in in use? (I am using new beta 10048)

    I just tested the deletion and ended up having to use sc delete epp

    Logs of scan attached plus WD screenie.




    Annotation 2020-03-14 140552.jpg
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  4. 4 minutes ago, GT500 said:

    This happens when the EPP driver doesn't get unloaded. All you have to do is open a Command Prompt with admin rights, run the following command, and then reboot:

    sc delete epp

    Once you've run that command and rebooted the machine, the folder is deletable.

    That may be so but that should not happen.


    I did a scan and then tried to delete the clean install of 100032. No success.

    So I did a machine restart and tried again.. no success

    Here are 2 sets of logs covering both attempts.

     In my opinion this should not be happening and is a bug.


    Annotation 2020-03-05 065134.jpg
    Download Image Logs (2).zip

  5. I updated my 100025 version through the beta updates.. no problem.

    Did a malware scan with 100032... no problem.

    Thought I'd check out doing a clean install of 100032 to check license issue fix... problem

    C/EEK would not delete.

    First I had deleted shortcut to it from my desktop.

    Then went to C/EEK right-click delete. It got to a certain point and said it couldn't delete as it was still in use. 

    I did a restart of machine to 'unlock' it.

    It still wouldn't delete.

    So I ran Emsiclean and deleted EEK through it and did the requested restart of the machine.

    After restart C/EEK was still there. So I right-click deleted it again and this time it went.

    I shall install 100032 as a clean install now and report in another post.

  6. 15 minutes ago, Ull said:

    I have the same issue as Nikilet, but I cannot run Emsisoft at all, it disappeared from the tray and when I dowloaded the installer to try a fresh copy, that will not run at all.

    So that someone can help you can you say what operating system and build you are using ( for example Windows 10 build 1909)

    Are all Windows updates installed and not waiting in the background to be installed?

    Do you use any other security software?

    Was EAM  running ok and then suddenly one day you started having problems?

  7. 8 minutes ago, Frank H said:

    works fine here, could be a CDN issue

    Tell the truth Frank, you've only just turned beta feed on :lol:

    Beta now installed.

    Malware scan run.

    5 of 5 shows now, but no 'enumerating' (I guess that's ok?)

    Scan time took was about the same as before you 'fixed' it.