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  1. Please follow the steps here and post the requested logs.
  2. You will probably find that disabling Zone Alarm firewall is not enough. Only one firewall is recommended to be installed at any one time. This applies for all firewalls (apart from Windows firewall which gets turned off when a third party firewall is installed) Just disabling a firewall means the drivers for it are still installed and can cause conflicts. Decision time for you I'm afraid laudel.
  3. laudel you cannot run OA firewall and Zone Alarm firewall at the same time.
  4. Learning mode is something you can enter whether you are in basic mode or advanced mode... it is a separate thing from them. You cannot turn learning mode off by clicking on basic/advanced modes in the right-click toolbar options. You turn it off by clicking on it (either right or left click) in the taskbar right-click options menu. I don't see it as a bug really because basic and advanced modes are methods that you choose to run the firewall in, learning mode is a way for the firewall to learn centain rules you wish the firewall to know about.
  5. Ongoing thread about this here I will close this one now:)
  6. What I meant was what happens if you click on learning mode in the right-click taskbar menu (as if you were just choosing to select it) I ask because if I right-click on taskbar menu and click on learning goes into learning mode. If I then right-click on taskbar menu and click on learning mode again, it turns learning mode off.
  7. Hi laudel, Which version and build of OA are you using? In the programs window of the GUI are the programs that you are wanting to use listed as trusted and green in colour? Also are you using zone alarm firewall at the same time?
  8. What happens if you just click on where it says 'learning mode' in the right-click toolbar options?
  9. This has already been brought to the attention of the devs. Like you, I also noted that it seems to be when a clean install is not done. However it is is a cosmetic issue and causes no problem whatsoever as to how the program works. I'm sure when the devs have some free time ( ) they will sort it, at the moment I guess it is pretty low on the priority list.
  10. Some info here which may help you
  11. Sorry Creer it was early this morning when I replied to your post. No changlog as such at the moment as far as I am aware. I believe the main change was to address Chromium-based browsers being unable to download anything when running sandboxed.
  12. Some info here Creer
  13. Using the Premium build here on xp sp3 alexander with no problems at all. Machine is very responsive.
  14. Please follow the steps outlined here
  15. stapp

    XP SP3

    When you say you found three hidden drivers do you mean the grey/ghost drivers showing in device manager after doing show hidden devices? (if you do you probably did the 'devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices' routine) Just right-click delete them. How did the new install go?
  16. Could you post your operating system and build and version of oa you are using? As a general rule if the program you are using is trusted by you and was obtained from a trusted source then it is okay to allow the prompt. Marking psp.exe as trusted in your oa programs list would avoid this prompt..
  17. stapp

    XP SP3

    How did you install build 1395, was it as a new install, or by downloading it and installing over the top of your previous build? If you did a clean install did you import any settings from a previous build? If you did, I would suggest uninstalling OA, rebooting twice (this removes the drivers correctly) and installing afresh. By the way,have you listed all your security software and what was your previous firewall, was it totally uninstalled? Please let us know how you get on.
  18. If you are asking for help with possible malware please follow the steps here and post the requested logs.
  19. If you are asking for help with suspected malware you must follow the steps here and attach the logs in a post I have also removed your EAM key from showing in your forum profile info.
  20. Taken from system requirements So sorry, no it doesn't.
  21. Please read here and post the requested logs
  22. Follow what steps you can from this thread and post the requested logs so that our Spyware Removal expert can help you
  23. Please follow the steps here and then post the logs you are able to do in the 'Help, my PC is infected' area of the forum here so a spyware removal expert can help you.