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  1. I am sure the OA dev (andrewf) would really appreciate seeing the minidump file from the BSOD. If you still have it could you either attach it here in a post or pm it to him (you may have to zip it first to attach and press the 'more reply options' button)
  2. Please follow the steps outlined here and post the requested logs, then one of our Spyware Experts will help you
  3. If you click the little arrow near your clock in the taskbar ( the one that says 'show hidden icons' when you hover your cursor on it) is the oa icon there?
  4. Please try the fix suggested in post 2 of this thread here
  5. That has allowed me to upload with flash uploader
  6. Sorry Fabian forgot to say I'm using 32bit IE9 but it doesn't work in the 64bit version either. Any ideas why I seem to be having this problem with IE9 and not Opera?
  7. @ ¥akuza112 Personal choice. Testing with Opera...... Upload skipped File too big to upload... max set at 2MB Testing with small pic.... that works. So IE is the problem
  8. Checking some things out.. basic uploader No that doesn't work
  9. At the moment I cannot get Flash Uploader to work. IE9 Windows 7 64bit
  10. Does it allow you to delete the unknown drivers if you enable super admin mode? Please make sure you disable super admin mode after trying to delete the unknown drivers.
  11. Just follow the steps here and post the requested logs. One of our malware removal experts will then help you out.
  12. As well as Hackerman's excellent advice, do you have Norton excluded in OA and OA excluded in Norton?
  13. There was a poster here who had a similar issue with Eset. May not help I know, but it was so similar I had to let you see it
  14. What have you figured out was the cause?
  15. Please follow the steps outlined here and attach the requested logs then one of our malware experts will be able to help you
  16. Just a few thoughts before other members post with their comments, was avast excluded in OA and EAM, and were OA and EAM excluded in Avast? Did you try using the uninstall tool from Avast in safe mode to make sure there were no leftovers which could be causing problems? Here's the avast page on uninstalling avast7 the uninstall tool is near the bottom. https://support.avas...barticleid=1062
  17. Perhaps if you are on 64bit operating system it is scanning C:\program Files (x86) for your 32bit programs, and C:\Program Files for your 64bit programs.
  18. Please follow the steps here and post the requested logs so that one of our Malware Experts can help you.
  19. Perhaps you may want to put your mind at rest by following the steps here and posting the logs in the 'Help my PC is infected ' area of the forum .... just in case.
  20. Please follow this thread here and post the logs so you can help.
  21. Hello Please follow the steps here and provide the logs asked for then someone will be able to help you.
  22. Do you still have the crash dumps so the OA devs could take a look at them, I am sure they would like to do so. Do you have Advanced System Care running all the time?
  23. Have a look at this thread here, in particular post 16 from Andrey the OA dev. Does that help at all? You may have to uninstall OA first again and then reinstall.
  24. Old thread here with same issue. Might be worth a try disabling Avast when uninstalling old version and installing new Flash Queenslander. http://forums.adobe....message/4009847 Also here is a link to the Flash troubleshooting site