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  1. Please follow what steps you can from here and post any logs you are able to do
  2. Please follow the steps here and post the requested logs
  3. As I said above you have to post in another part of the forum to get Malware removal help Start a thread there and perhaps link to this one. Make sure you post about what you have tried to do so far.
  4. Please follow what steps you can here Then post what logs you have been able to do in the ''Help my PC is infected!'' area of the forum http://support.emsis...pc-is-infected/
  5. Please follow the steps in here and post the requested logs .
  6. As I pointed out in my post above, please post in this area of the forum with any logs you have managed to do and a write up of your problem so that our spyware moderators can help you.
  7. Please follow the steps here and post the required logs in the 'Help my PC infected' thread here http://support.emsis...pc-is-infected/
  8. Please follow the steps here and post the logs. Будь ласка, дотримуйтесь тут і після колоди.
  9. If you wish help with removing a suspected virus please follow the steps here then post the logs asked for in this part of the forum.
  10. I am afraid OA does not support xp 64 bit . Please see system requirement info here
  11. Please follow the steps here and post the logs requested
  12. I don't think anyone has mentioned anything. Have you seen any issues, if so, can you go into detail what happens?
  13. Please read here, follow the steps and post the requested logs.
  14. The latest version is I would uninstall the version you have using the programs own uninstaller, and reboot twice (this removes all drivers) Then download and install the latest ++version from this page
  15. Please follow the steps here and do the logs that are asked for Then start a new thread in 'Help my PC is infected' area of the forum
  16. I am using OA Premium and running in advanced mode.
  17. Just a thought. Do you have 'autoconfigure trusted programs' unticked in options/firewall? Maybe it looked the same item but on mine svchost uses a different port each item in windows updates.
  18. Here you go Arcadia
  19. To add a screenshot click the ''more reply options'' button when you are writing a post.. This will then allow you to post the screenshot using the uploader.
  20. This link should give you some info which can help you decide what you want to do.
  21. What does it say in the Windows Event Viewer at the time that this happens. (Either under System or Application)
  22. Can I ask why you are running without Windows 7 Service pack 1? Have you set Avogadro as an "installer" and excluded Avast fromm OA and OA from Avast as Cat Princess suggested?
  23. I think you need to lie down in a dark room and rest perhaps.
  24. Also in addition to the info Cat has requested, does it also happen if you browse in Internet Explorer? Does it also happen if you browse in Firefox safe mode (all add ons disabled) ?