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  1. Here you go Arcadia
  2. To add a screenshot click the ''more reply options'' button when you are writing a post.. This will then allow you to post the screenshot using the uploader.
  3. This link should give you some info which can help you decide what you want to do.
  4. What does it say in the Windows Event Viewer at the time that this happens. (Either under System or Application)
  5. Can I ask why you are running without Windows 7 Service pack 1? Have you set Avogadro as an "installer" and excluded Avast fromm OA and OA from Avast as Cat Princess suggested?
  6. I think you need to lie down in a dark room and rest perhaps.
  7. Also in addition to the info Cat has requested, does it also happen if you browse in Internet Explorer? Does it also happen if you browse in Firefox safe mode (all add ons disabled) ?
  8. Press the ''more reply options'' button when making a post. This will give you the option of uploading the file using the flash uploader.
  9. I have been hoping that one of the developers or more EAM experienced users would have posted with some suggestions for you. You have been told your system is clean now by ShadowputerDude so there is no reason EAM should not install. I am sorry you are having this problem, I will try to get some help for you.
  10. If you got the file from the Emsisoft site there is no problem with the installer. I would run the file.
  11. If I was you, I would uninstall EAM, reboot and then re-install. This fixes most problems
  12. I updated last night but cannot get any updates at the moment. Perhaps it's a location based server issue. I'm sure they will be working like mad behind the scenes to fix it
  13. Please read and follow the steps in this link then one of our malware removal staff can help you Please post the logs etc in the 'Help, my PC is infected!' area of the forum
  14. Just tested after reading you r post on my win7 64bit. I cleared update logs and waited for an automatic update which has just happened. The date and time for the update is correct. I see your update was done manually, perhaps see what happens if you clear logs and wait for auto update?
  15. Does this thread help at all Marcos?
  16. The best thing to do would be to follow the instructions from ShadowPuterDude first. It is always better to just follow one persons instructions at a time
  17. Have you closed EAM, rebooted and tried again updating? I see you are presently being helped in the Malware removal area of the forum. Perhaps it may be better to wait until you have that sorted.
  18. What do you mean you have lost everything else? Can you say what operating system you have and any other info that may help members to help you. Did you upgrade by the EAM normal update process or did you download the installer etc? I would try closing EAM and rebooting.
  19. Please follow the steps listed here and then post the logs in the 'Help, my pc is infected!' area of the forum
  20. Follow the steps in the link below and post the required logs in this thread then our malware removal team will be able help you.
  21. One thing that worked for me (note, I say for me, it's not an Emsisoft recommendation) was to turn off the realtime monitoring of Windows Defender.
  22. Follow the steps in this thread and post the required logs in this thread then our malware removal team will be able help you.
  23. When it says 'New version of Online Armor components has been downloaded and installed' most people will take this to mean that it is some kind of update to OA itself and not just a signature and rules update. If the bubble just said that a new threat database had been downloaded (as it says in history) it would not be so misleading to a user. The very fact that this thread exists and the confusion that surrounds both the files and the info given via OA popups shows, in my view, that it perhaps could be handled better.
  24. Hello Tomface, Follow the steps outlined here and then post in the 'Help, my PC is infected!' area of the forum