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  1. I am still having trouble with copy and paste using Opera 11.50. If I right-click copy the words 'Thanks Fabian' from the post above, I cannot paste it in this post if i do the right-click paste more than an inch away from the flashing insert curser. In other words in order to paste the words 'Thanks Fabian' I have to do right click here
  2. Things seemed to be fixed now re the use of strike through, bolding etc. Thanks Fabian P.S I like my avatar even better now!!
  3. Should topics still be listed as hot when they are closed and have been for weeks? (in particular OA and EAM beta forums) If I strike through a word and then want to carry on writing normally I cannot 'unclick' the strike through button. I can choose another button e.g. bold which turns off strike through but then my words are bolded!! Only way I seem to be able to sort things is by using the Toggle Editing mode on far left. Here is what happens without toggle edit button... Hello and welcome to the new forum. It seems like you are clicking them off but they turn back on....
  4. OK I see the horse and the bug reporting now. Will you be able to show them in the other skin as well?
  5. Cannot see them in Opera or IE8, signed in the forum or signed out. How come your screenie shows the horse?
  6. The new skin is much better than the one we had this morning Can I ask if you will be making the 'bug reporting' links for beta testers available again at the top of the forum?
  7. I'll give that a try edit.. yes that works using the flash uploader.
  8. I am using Opera 11.50. With the new forum layout I cannot add attachments. If I choose a jpg from 'my pictures' and upload it then press 'attach' button, an error message appears saying I haven't selected anything to attach. I also find it very difficult to copy and paste a link into a post using Opera. If I double click on the 'paste' it may appear, it may not, mostly not. No issues using IE8
  9. See here for steps needed for help with removal
  10. I agree with you. I posted the link just in case there was any info in there which might give you clues as to this errant OA behaviour.
  11. Please follow the steps here and then a Spyware Moderator will help you
  12. I have just read this 2 page thread trujwin, have you seen it?
  13. That's great news Darren. Folk can now go to their boss and say ''I have to take a few days off as my OA GUI is unresponsive''
  14. Something perhaps to bear in mind
  15. Hi Laurie I would go along with what catprincess has suggested, it will most likely work. Uninstall both OA and EAM and reboot twice. Then install OA first and then EAM (I did it in this order and had no problems) Don't bother turning Windows Firewall off and on , OA does that automatically. Make sure when asked by OA that you trust EAM and tell OA to remember the decision. You don't have any other security software installed do you? Let us know how you get on, then you can go for a lie down to recover
  16. Although not directly concerning webshield it does relate to OA and sandboxie. At one time if you ran your browser Sandboxed and with OA 'run safer' enabled, the OA green border would not show, and in Process Explorer under the security tab of your browser properties, it would only show 'owner' under BUILTIN\administrators. Now green border shows, and PE shows 'owner,deny' when sandboxed browser is 'run safer'
  17. You aren't running the Internet Security version of Kaspersky 2012? You know, the one with the firewall?
  18. Sorry to mention ticking again , but do you have Intercept Loopback interface ticked in Options-Firewall tab? See info here
  19. Hi there, I have no problem stopping a program from accessing the internet. First, as I said earlier, I untick the option for trusted programs to access the internet. Then I run the program for the first time and when it calls out OA asks me if it can and I say yes or no. I have this set up for most programs, Windows Media Player being one. Even my AV has to ask my permission on first run after install to call out for updates. Can you say which operating system you have, which version and build of OA and confirm whether you are unticking the 'allow trusted internet access' straight after OA install.
  20. If you go to Options - Firewall tab and untick the box which says ''Automatically allow trusted programs to access the internet'' then the first time the program accesses the internet OA will ask you if you want it to be allowed to do so. If you press 'block' then it will block internet access for the program, but it won't stop the program from working.
  21. Good to hear that Mamutu is working well for you, and also welcome to the forum. By the way I don't know if you noticed, but the posts before yours were posted 9 months ago
  22. Does WindyZone exe appear in OA programs list? If not you can just right-click anywhere in OA programs list and select add. Then browse to WindyZone and select and OK it. Make sure you trust it in the programs list afterwards. Does that work?
  23. Perhaps you could just re-install EAM over the top of your version again, this should replace the uninstaller if it is missing.
  24. Can I just ask what your default browser is?