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  1. Old thread here with same issue. Might be worth a try disabling Avast when uninstalling old version and installing new Flash Queenslander. http://forums.adobe....message/4009847 Also here is a link to the Flash troubleshooting site
  2. No we aren't rude Your thread was moved here to the section that deals with Emsisoft products http://support.emsis...c/7922-resizer/ As you can see this area of the forum we are in now 'Help, my PC is infected' is for people whose machines are infected. I shall close this thread now.
  3. minegroasprilla the focus of EAM is to prevent virus and malware from getting onto your machine in the first place. EAM is very, very good indeed at that. However, EAM consists of 2 world class virus scanners so no need for you to worry about removing any virus/malware on machines that didn't have any protection
  4. Do you have the minidump from the BSOD? They are usually kept in C\Windows\Minidump. If you still have it I'm sure our devs would like to see it. You can reply to this post clicking on the 'more reply options' button which will allow you to upload it. (can't remember at the moment if you may need to zip if first before uploading.)
  5. I can only think it is some kind of software conflict as like catprincess, I don't see this either on xp. Perhaps to get to the bottom of it you may have to do some troubleshooting such as disabling or uninstalling (as a temporary measure of course) some of your other security software.
  6. Do you have WSA, EAM and MBAM all listed in OA exclusions? If yes, is OA excluded in the other security software you have? Was your latest OA version the result of an upgrade or a new install?
  7. If you think you may be infected please follow the steps here
  8. Yours is an unusual situation and I do understand you being angry and frustrated, I would be also. However take a deep breath, and let's keep going. May I ask that you don't use language such as you did in one of your previous posts? You will notice that I have edited it out. Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing please? (click more reply options to attach a screenshot) It would help us to see what you are talking about.
  9. tazman did you make a spelling mistake when you put svhost.exe?
  10. Have you tried installing OA in normal mode and then uninstalling it in safe mode yet?
  11. It doesn't matter that OA won't be able to run in safe mode, in fact that is why you are going to uninstall it in safe mode so it should uninstall cleanly while in safe mode. Don't forget to reboot twice afterwards. How are things now? Did you use Advanced System Care's uninstaller function to uninstall OA first time around?
  12. Try reinstalling OA again. Then boot into safe mode and use OA's own uninstaller (no third party tools) to uninstall. Reboot and then reboot again. Is the problem solved?
  13. Please follow the steps here and post the requested logs.
  14. I think GT500 means what happens if you click your pc start button/all programs/Online Armor/Online armor. Does the GUI open then?
  15. The latest version of OA is You should update your old version by either downloading the new version from here and installing it over the top of the one you have, or uninstall your version, reboot twice, and do a fresh install. By the way you say you use Avast, but you also list Eset. Eset also has an antivirus are you running both Avast and Eset together? If so it is not a good thing to run 2 antivirus at the same time. Also Eset if you run the Internet Security version has a firewall. Do you run this as well as OA firewall?
  16. When you say it will not shut down, what stage does it stick at? Do the icons go away? Does the taskbar still remain? If so are you able to open taskmanager and see if it says what is not responding, or any other clues. Does the Windows Event Viewer show anything? Do you run MBAM in real-time ?(paid)
  17. Perhaps there is an rss feed link somewhere on the firefox page?
  18. On this forum we do not give opinions on other products detection rates
  19. When you double-click the installer to upgrade your older version OA will ask if you want to shutdown the program in order to deal with running the upgrade. This is normal procedure... just allow it
  20. Please follow the steps here and post the requested logs.
  21. You will probably find that disabling Zone Alarm firewall is not enough. Only one firewall is recommended to be installed at any one time. This applies for all firewalls (apart from Windows firewall which gets turned off when a third party firewall is installed) Just disabling a firewall means the drivers for it are still installed and can cause conflicts. Decision time for you I'm afraid laudel.
  22. laudel you cannot run OA firewall and Zone Alarm firewall at the same time.
  23. Learning mode is something you can enter whether you are in basic mode or advanced mode... it is a separate thing from them. You cannot turn learning mode off by clicking on basic/advanced modes in the right-click toolbar options. You turn it off by clicking on it (either right or left click) in the taskbar right-click options menu. I don't see it as a bug really because basic and advanced modes are methods that you choose to run the firewall in, learning mode is a way for the firewall to learn centain rules you wish the firewall to know about.