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  1. Too much green tea, I must take more water with it
  2. When you install Windows Firewall it turns off Windows firewall.
  3. Just wondering if it's possible for you to access 'history' at all. Then you could select the clear history button, reboot and see if there is any improvement. (don't worry about me being a 'sheep expert' )
  4. Have you tried putting Emsisoft Anti Malware into OA excusions and adding OA to Emsisofts exclusions? Reboot afterwards and see if things have improved.
  5. Micheal I can see no way in which ctrlaltdelete has tried to belittle or demean you. I can only assume your lack of manners is because of your frustration in trying to use the program. When you do the wizard are you trying to set up how you want them to run from within the wizard? Are you rebooting into learning mode after the wizard? (because that is when you can set up all your settings as you want them) It seems quite logical to me that if you have made a bit of a screw up with your upgrade it may indeed be best do a clean install. You are aware that you could have saved all your settings in 4.5 and restored them in version 5?
  6. Perhaps a read here may help you
  7. You can download the new version from here, run the setup, and select 'upgrade' option. Or you can wait for automatic online updates which will happens over the next week.
  8. You can add them yourself by right-clicking anywhere in the OA programs list, selecting add, and browsing to the file to add it manually. If you add them, does it cure your problem?
  9. Sorry there is no option to do that. Most people agree the new alert boxes are easier to read and understand. Hopefully you will get used to them. Your English is quite good
  10. Are you saying BitDefender has a firewall included? If so you cannot use OA and BitDefender together as they both include a firewall.
  11. When you install OA are you using the 'trust all' option? Have you excluded OA from Bit Defender and PeerBlock? Is Bitdefender just the anti-virus, and not the one that includes a firewall?
  12. Can you give more information so that someone can advise you. What is your operating system and service pack? What other security software do you have installed? Which version of OA are you trying to use? (Free, Premium or ++)
  13. It does happen whether hidden process detection is ticked or not. Been happening for months in beta builds.
  14. More of a Microsoft issue really. Please see here
  15. Boot into safe mode and then uninstall OA. Reboot twice and then re-install OA doing a trust-all install provided you know your machine is virus free. Blocking everything from loading is bound to cause issues. Please provide details of operating system and security software.
  16. Stuart when you get things up and running can you check that itunes and any apple related things appear in the OA programs list as green in colour and trusted. You have have to untick the 'hide trusted' tickbox at the bottom of the OA programs page to see them.
  17. Just looked at it again Christian. If I left click on the work 'link' then I get the login but if I middle click on it to open the link in a new tab, it just opens the same page. I wonder if this is what the user did? Anyway I can login using the other link I gave, hopefully he can too.
  18. The link on that page appears to be broken. Does this one work for you?
  19. orangeninja it sounds like you got out of bed the wrong side this morning. You have obviously read the manual on best way to get help on a forum... be rude. Almost all security software offer advice on one or two things which are things that should be done to allow 'happy computing'' 1. Make sure your previous security software is fully uninstalled and if the company provides one, use the 'cleanup tool' they provide. 2. Once OA is installed exclude your other security software in OA exclusions. Do the same with the other product, that is exclude OA from it. 3. Make sure that things that appear in your OA programs list are green in colour and trusted. 4. When coming to the forum try not to stamp your feet, or be childish, instead state examples of your problem along with the OS and programs installed.
  20. I don't think so! I am a lady
  21. If I was you, I would install each one and see which one suited my machine and needs best
  22. Well no one has reported one that I can remember! Perhaps just put it into the OA exclusions list as you would do with any other security software. Let us know how you get on and welcome to the forums
  23. Just to mention some other free av's for you fotyc, I have used both Avira and Microsoft Security Essentials (at different times of course!) with OA and had no problems. As Willpower mentioned just exclude the av you decide on from OA and OA from the av.
  24. Seems a bit odd Cat that OA's learning mode shows both WinDVD and WinDVDF as fully allowed and yet valrick still cannot get it to work. Computers!!
  25. Perhaps it may be worthwhile uninstalling OA, rebooting twice, and then re-installing OA using the trust all option. If that doesn't sort it then perhaps a dev needs to look at it.