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  1. Please follow the steps listed here and then post the logs in the 'Help, my pc is infected!' area of the forum
  2. Follow the steps in the link below and post the required logs in this thread then our malware removal team will be able help you.
  3. One thing that worked for me (note, I say for me, it's not an Emsisoft recommendation) was to turn off the realtime monitoring of Windows Defender.
  4. Follow the steps in this thread and post the required logs in this thread then our malware removal team will be able help you.
  5. When it says 'New version of Online Armor components has been downloaded and installed' most people will take this to mean that it is some kind of update to OA itself and not just a signature and rules update. If the bubble just said that a new threat database had been downloaded (as it says in history) it would not be so misleading to a user. The very fact that this thread exists and the confusion that surrounds both the files and the info given via OA popups shows, in my view, that it perhaps could be handled better.
  6. Hello Tomface, Follow the steps outlined here and then post in the 'Help, my PC is infected!' area of the forum
  7. A fix for this is in the pipeline. Please see this thread posts 7 and 8.
  8. Glad you got it sorted. If you want to give EAM another go just shout and someone will help you with it
  9. After you installed it was there no icon in the taskbar ? (near the clock, bottom right of your screen) Did you look in your Control Panel under Programs and Features to see if appears there in the uninstall list? How did you try to uninstall it? Don't worry too much lilili, Fabian Wosar one of the developers has made a tool which removes left overs after an unsuccessful uninstall. I'm sure he will help you with this
  10. Please read and follow the steps here in order for someone to help you
  11. Have you excluded Avast from OA and excluded OA from Avast?
  12. **off topic** I answered this post this morning with similar advice that catprincess gave. My post is gone, must be forum pixies
  13. Using the Premium version I have the same MD5 results as the poster Andrey.
  14. Please follow the instructions here and post the requested logs so that someone can help you
  15. I can tell you that the devs are working on this at the moment after having been given some important info about this by one of our testers. A fix shouldn't be too far away
  16. Please see here
  17. Right click on 'My Computer' Select properties Click advanced tab Select 'settings' in the Performance Section Then click the advanced tab and you should see the page file amount listed at the bottom.
  18. First of all do you have Office components listed as trusted (green in colour) in the OA programs list? Which adds do you mean?
  19. I was talking about the main Emsisoft page I was concerned that people going there would think it had gone, not everyone goes searching for things on a main page like we do
  20. I asked the question as I'm sure others would want to know the answer
  21. Is OA Premium still being offered as a standalone product as it also does not appear now on the Emsisoft webpage.
  22. Please follow the steps in the link below and the attach the requested logs (use the 'more reply options' button next to the post button as this will allow you to attach the logs)
  23. OA support are aware of this galande and all will be sorted soon