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  1. 31 minutes ago, marko said:

    I'm pretty sure it's been like this for years Stapp - there's an old thread here where Fabian explains the reasoning behind this

    Well I don't agree with it :) (or Fabian ***stapp waves to him)

    Under Action in Forensics it says 'update finished' if you look at my screenshot.

    So that should be reflected timewise in what is seen in the tray ...the update has finished.

    I hover over my tray icon often to check updates are running OK. When it shows the update as an hour earlier than it should, then it is normal to think there is a problem.




  2. 3 minutes ago, Frank H said:

      found detections counter are hidden when you click the  'new scan'  aka 'close' button. We keep this info visible until user checked the scan results.


    I do not believe for one moment that most users would know that they had to click 'new scan' to get rid of the 100% still scanning thing.

  3. If there are no updates to be downloaded, is it normal for the EAM tray when you hover over it to show that the last update was an hour earlier?

    For example at 14.33 there were no update files to be downloaded Forensics said, so the EAM tray when you hover says the last update was at 13.33

    Surely an update, whether there were files to be downloaded or not, should show in the tray so users now it is working correctly ?

  4. 14 minutes ago, marko said:

    I see it in 2019.11.1.9884, hence why I posted on this forum rather than the beta forum, although I also see the same thing with the latest beta 9915.

    Not sure why you don't have any scan finished entries unless you were too quick off the mark - I've noticed the log can take a few seconds to populate sometimes.


    marko tell me what I am missing here. As you can see according to my log scanning is still at 100% in left hand side and won't disappear until I reboot. 


    Annotation 2019-12-28 164246.jpg
    Download Image

  5. 20 minutes ago, marko said:

    I noticed a minor bug in the Logs:

    If you do a scan, then click on the Scan Finished entry in the Logs and click on the Scan Log link in the open details window, the Scan Log is shown correctly.

    However, if you do a scan, then click on the Scan Started entry in the Logs and select View Details, then click on the Up button to move to the Scan Finished entry, when you then click on the Scan Log link in this details window, nothing happens

    Same problem occurs when trying to view the Scan Log after using the Down button to move to a Scan Finished entry


    What EAM build do you mean marko?

    In 9915 I don't get any scan finished entry!!!