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  1. 54 minutes ago, Frank H said:

    stapp, do you run eek on the same machine where eam is installed ?

    This combo is not supported and we will add a warning for this soon.

    Of course I don't !! (you told me not to a long time ago)

    This is on a laptop with just Defender running so I can test EEK.

    EAM has never been on this machine. Emsiclean attached (reg entry is Emsi Browser Security)

    I just did another malware scan and it goes straight from '4 of 5' to Finish. There is no enumerating and 5 of 5 scan.

    Is that how it should be on EEK? 



  2. Win 10 64bit 1909... EAM beta 9977

    As well as a Reflect image, I also have a little USB stick which, every so often, I copy and paste my docs, downloads and pictures to. It is sort of an emergency backup of files which I keep in a drawer.

    On this PC I have 5 eicar items which I keep to test the scanner. The scanner always tells me it has detected them but never quarantines them. I have report only selected in scanner settings.

    I have attached what EAM usually does and finds from a scan report.

    Today I selected documents, downloads and pictures  in C\ users\ username (room) and chose copy.

    Then with my usb stick plugged in and opened I selected paste.

    EAM quarantined 2 items. (screenie attached)

    The 2 items were from Downloads. Why did it do that when I had it set to report only ? Was it because it wasn't a scan but a copy and paste?

    The Zip files in Downloads were not quarantined. The in root of C was also not quarantined.


    Annotation 2020-02-20 095857.jpg
    Download Image


  3. Jeremy just save your documents, pictures, installers etc to an external drive and keep it somewhere safe until your new clean install of Win 10 is done.

    Then you can just put them on your new install.

    Of course you can just do the quick route. Save things to another drive (unplug it afterwards) then just do a clean fresh  install of Win 10 from iso (either via dvd or usb) without doing the upgrade first. It will auto register the key once you go online. I always during the install choose the 'custom install' so I can delete all partitions from the drive in order that Windows can partition the new install in the way it knows is best.

    A system image is the best thing to have in ANY situation :thumbs:


  4. @JeremyNicoll you can upgrade to Win 10 to from 8.1 for free (this gives you a digital key which will be recognised by their servers)

    Then once upgraded, just download the Windows Media Creation tool to make an iso and do a clean install of Windows 10.... you get what is more or less a brand new machine that way. If you don't want to use a Microsoft Account just stay offline during the clean install and click that you don't have internet or a key. That way it installs as an admin local account and gets auto activated when you go online after the install to check for updates.

    I help out in a computer repair shop and we do quite a few of these a week. As for the trouble with updates, I don't have any on my machines, probably because I do clean installs (no old stuff cluttering things up hiding in odd places)

    Don't worry too much about firms not supporting things after a certain date... it happens all the time.. it's life.