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  1. Jose you must have bitten all your finger nails away waiting!! What did you have installed first MSE or OA? Do you have them excluded from each other? Do you think you could feel strong enough to run the Safety Check Wizard again and choose trust all? (Perhaps a very large coffee while you wait ) Quick question... you have rebooted since installing?
  2. Skyhawk when you 'browse for folder' is there a little + sign next to the C drive? If so click on it and browse to program files and open the + sign there until you see Avast and then click on the avast folder instead of the + sign to get it into the exclusions pane.
  3. Jack what, if any, problems are showing that make you think OA is not working right? Also state your operating system and version of OA. Thanks.
  4. Perhaps one of the things you could try (and often works) is to re-run the Safety Check Wizard and select trust all.
  5. Could you tell us what operating sytem you are using please.
  6. I asked because it has been posted in the Anti Malware/Mamutu area of the forum as opposed to posting it in the OA forum.
  7. Theodore you haven't actually mentioned Emsisoft Anti Malware in your post. Do you actually use it or is this just a question to do with Online Armor and what can be used alongside it?
  8. Make sure you exclude EAM in Online Armor exclusions, and exclude OA in EAM. Reboot and see if all is well then.
  9. Good to hear all is well now. Happy surfing!!
  10. The latest OA version is Is this what you are using? Paid or free version?
  11. Can you give a bit more info such as what operating system you are running. Also which build and version of OA you are running and what you are trying to do when you get the error message.
  12. Also a live chat service is now available
  13. Ordinary logs are in C\Program Files\Online Armor\Logs. Debug logs are only available after you have enabled debug logging int OA gui and doubt if you would be able to make use of them as they are usually requested and read by the developers. I would strongly suggest that you do the Emsisoft Emergency Kit log requested by ShadowputerDude in your thread in the Malware section. This would then confirm whether malware was present or not. If no malware, then we can continue here.
  14. Hello Jack We don't actually deal with malware detection and removal in this area of the forum. I have pm'd the Malware Removal Team to see if they wish to deal with it in another area of the forum.
  15. Hi tsmith35 As Lynx pointed out there is a way of reporting false positives. However you weren't aware of this perhaps. Thanks very much anyway for going to the trouble of reporting it as it helps other users and Emsisoft.
  16. Really good to hear you have got your problem sorted now, I'm sure catprincess will be pleased as well
  17. Have you tried turning on Learning Mode and then rebooting to see if OA 'learns ' it?
  18. Your link doesn't work. Did you use this link
  19. As you already have a thread running with similar content perhaps it's better if you keep it all in the one thread. Thanks
  20. querty it would really be best to just let OA take care of turning Windows Firewall off and on. As drivers cannot be loaded in safe mode you cannot install OA in safe mode.
  21. stapp


    That Polish page seems to reference Toshiba Tempro. Does that apply to you?
  22. Perhaps try removing it from the programs list altogether, rebooting and then running the Safety Check Wizard.