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  1. Your link doesn't work. Did you use this link
  2. As you already have a thread running with similar content perhaps it's better if you keep it all in the one thread. Thanks
  3. querty it would really be best to just let OA take care of turning Windows Firewall off and on. As drivers cannot be loaded in safe mode you cannot install OA in safe mode.
  4. stapp


    That Polish page seems to reference Toshiba Tempro. Does that apply to you?
  5. Perhaps try removing it from the programs list altogether, rebooting and then running the Safety Check Wizard.
  6. I believe this new Avast build also solved the conflict with Dell laptops that 864 had.
  7. You haven't been a bother at all Kathy. Glad everything is ok for you now
  8. Although you haven't mentioned which operating system you are using, or which flavour and build of OA, I'm wondering if you have excluded Avast in OA exclusions which usually helps?
  9. Still, I always think it's a good idea to make the vendor aware that his product is flagging a legitimate program.
  10. I sent a link to this thread to GMER. Had a reply back saying it was a False Positive.
  11. See latest info from Defencewall dev on this conflict here
  12. Some info here
  13. krussell if you don't mind me asking, what do you have loading at startup?
  14. Can you please say which operating system you are using and also which build number of Premium you have. Also are NFS11.exe and Launcher.exe marked as trusted and green in colour in OA programs list?
  15. As far as I know Tyler choosing 'run safer' for an unknown program will give the same performance as it does for trusted programs. It should give the same protection. If you right-click on OA taskbar shield and choose OA on the web, or user area, your browser will automatically load those pages in run safer mode as added protection for the user.
  16. The answer is yes to both questions Tyler. More info can be seen here
  17. MSE version 2 is not beta its a release build now. I have just uppgraded it on my Win7 machine
  18. I ran OA Premium and MSE for a while with no problems (XP) I did exclude OA from MSE and exclude MSE from OA.
  19. Can you give a few more details? Such as operating system used, version of OA (OA free, Premium or ++) and build number What is the event number, where is it listed and what does it say? Is the program associated with your mouse listed in OA programs as trusted and green in colour? (You may need to tick the box which says 'hide trusted' at the bottom of the OA programs list to see it)
  20. I'm afraid not, manual updates only in the free version. Have a look here at the differences.
  21. Andrey I guess what people want to know from you is this... ''is there something they can do to stop sites entering the list?'' If not, does OA plan to change the way this works in the very near future?
  22. Did you also exclude EAM folder in OA exclusions?