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  1. Was the program listed as trusted before you made it run safer?

    If it was listed as unknown and you have 'run unknown programs as run safer' ticked in programs -options tab, then it will stay as run safer.

    If however it is already trusted does it not allow you to click once on it in the programs list (to highlight it) and then press the 'run normal' button at the bottom of the programs page?

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  2. Did you reboot twice after uninstalling Zone Alarm? Sometimes with security software this can be necessary to completely remove the drivers. (Also applies to OA)

    Have you checked to make sure there are no files or folders from Zone Alarm left over and no entries for it appear in the Device Manager.

    Are you using a bridged network? Is so please see here


  3. Using IE9 I can copy and paste info into this post as I am writing it, but the words I am copying must come from somewhere else.

    For example if I want to cut or copy something from WITHIN the post I am writing the options are greyed out on right-click.

    So if I say something like 'Fabian has said I can have a new laptop and £1000', I cannot highlight those words now and cut them out.

  4. @Lynx

    I discovered that I can copy and paste but only if I make sure that the right-click dialog popup is positioned on top of the flashing cursor where pasted words are to be placed.

    It wasn't necessary to do that before, I only had to right click anywhere in the message box area to apply the paste.

    It is not really important as I now the workaround now.

  5. I am still having trouble with copy and paste using Opera 11.50.

    If I right-click copy the words 'Thanks Fabian' from the post above, I cannot paste it in this post if i do the right-click paste more than an inch away from the flashing insert curser.

    In other words in order to paste the words 'Thanks Fabian' I have to do right click here

  6. Should topics still be listed as hot when they are closed and have been for weeks? (in particular OA and EAM beta forums)

    If I strike through a word and then want to carry on writing normally I cannot 'unclick' the strike through button. I can choose another button e.g. bold which turns off strike through but then my words are bolded!!

    Only way I seem to be able to sort things is by using the Toggle Editing mode on far left.

    Here is what happens without toggle edit button...

    Hello and welcome to the new forum. It seems like you are clicking them off but they turn back on....

  7. I am using Opera 11.50.

    With the new forum layout I cannot add attachments.

    If I choose a jpg from 'my pictures' and upload it then press 'attach' button, an error message appears saying I haven't selected anything to attach.

    I also find it very difficult to copy and paste a link into a post using Opera. If I double click on the 'paste' it may appear, it may not, mostly not.

    No issues using IE8

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