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  1. Hi Laurie

    I would go along with what catprincess has suggested, it will most likely work.

    Uninstall both OA and EAM and reboot twice.

    Then install OA first and then EAM (I did it in this order and had no problems) Don't bother turning Windows Firewall off and on , OA does that automatically. Make sure when asked by OA that you trust EAM and tell OA to remember the decision.

    You don't have any other security software installed do you?

    Let us know how you get on, then you can go for a lie down to recover :)

  2. Although not directly concerning webshield it does relate to OA and sandboxie.

    At one time if you ran your browser Sandboxed and with OA 'run safer' enabled, the OA green border would not show, and in Process Explorer under the security tab of your browser properties, it would only show 'owner' under BUILTIN\administrators. Now green border shows, and PE shows 'owner,deny' when sandboxed browser is 'run safer'

  3. Hi there,

    I have no problem stopping a program from accessing the internet.

    First, as I said earlier, I untick the option for trusted programs to access the internet. Then I run the program for the first time and when it calls out OA asks me if it can and I say yes or no.

    I have this set up for most programs, Windows Media Player being one. Even my AV has to ask my permission on first run after install to call out for updates.

    Can you say which operating system you have, which version and build of OA and confirm whether you are unticking the 'allow trusted internet access' straight after OA install.

  4. Have you considered uninstalling OA, rebooting twice, and reinstalling it again? I say that because my experiences with HP printer software are such that I would always have the printer installed first as there seem to be hundreds of little HP files.

    I know this advice sounds like a bit of a get out, but it sounds as thought HP may has corrupted part of OA. The only other time I've seen 'insert disk' or 'no disc in drive' when trying to start a software application on a new OS install was because Windows had gotten the association mixed up at install. Putting a blank disc in the drive and running the software that mentioned it, allowed the software to run and stopped the error from happening again.

    If you go down the re-install route do a trust all install and remember to exclude your av from OA and vice versa.

    Let us know how you get on.

  5. To get the debug logs select Options from the left hand side of the GUI. Under the General tab tick 'enable debug mode'. Make sure everything is ticked and then reboot.

    Try to open a couple of things eg Firefox etc so the debugger sees what you are doing. Then untick debug mode and go to where your OA program folder is, open it and find the folder called logs. I usually just copy the folder, and then zip it.

    Send it (along with a link to this thread and OA logs as title) to

    [email protected]

    By the way the only thing you didn't mention in your well written post was which other security software you use.

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