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  1. Hi there :)

    you said..

    I did a system restore to a point just prior to the initial OA installation, and the system ran fine for a full week.

    then you said..

    I checked for any residual signs of the previous OA installation (Windows All Programs & Add/Delete), and the Program Files folders. There I did find an OA Folder and deleted it. I also turned the Windows Firewall off (again).

    Just curious as to how you found an OA folder if you had restored to a time before you tried OA.

    Have you considered doing a 'trust all' install from the wizard and then adjusting your exclusions one by one just to see if there is a cause.

    Also when you install OA it turns off Windows Firewall for you, and turns it back on again when you uninstall OA. No need for you to do it :)

  2. I notice that in one of your posts you mention that you will leave learning mode on for a week. I personally would not do that.

    OA does it's own learning mode for 2 minutes at install and you can always use it, if desired, when installing a new app. Then turn learning mode off. If you leave it on for a week OA will learn the good *and* the bad if you catch my drift.

  3. Just to start you off alex, to stop programs calling home just untick 'automatically allow trusted to access internet' in OA options-firewall tab. That means first time it tries to call out OA will ask you and you just select block. The program can still run of course, it just cannot call home.

    No downloadable pdf just the online help (quite comprehensive) available via right-click on taskbar icon and selecting 'help'

  4. Can I ask why you have so many untrusted things in your programs list Jose?

    Have you thought about doing a trusted install, after all surely you trust what you have on your computer or you wouldn't have it on. It may make a difference. It won't stop you being able to stop things from calling home etc as you can untick 'allow trusted internet access' as you know.

  5. I have never excluded Sandboxie in OA Jose.

    Just to make sure I understand, are you saying that Sandboxie is shown as Run Safer in OA programs list (coloured a kind of blue in list)

    Are you saying that when you start your browser it has a green border? Is the Drop Rights setting in Sandboxie turned on?

  6. Hi Boreth :)

    When someone like yourself posts giving no info such as operating system, previously installed firewall, presently installed security software etc, it is difficult to make helpful suggestions.

    You could also post which build type of OA you are using (Free, Premium, ++) and what type of install you did (trusted or wizard) Are all your programs green in colour and listed as trusted in the OA programs list?

    Did you try opening Photoshop in learning mode? (then turning learning mode off)

    Help us, to help you :)

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