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  1. I believe you can use the following command. The double quotes are needed, unless you know the equivalent short folder names (8 characters): c:\"Program Files"\"Online Armor"\unins000.exe P.S. Using short file names, I think the above command would be: c:\progra~1\online~1\unins000.exe
  2. You are welcome. I am glad that all is OK for you now.
  3. Hi William. If possible, please try the following and see if it helps: 1) Boot up into Windows safe mode. 2) Reinstall AND uninstall OA again in the safe mode. NOTE: Please use OA own uninstaller to uninstall it through Windows's start orb -> All Programs. 3) Reboot into Windows normal mode. 4) Check to see if the problem still occurs or not. 5) If not, then reinstall OA and see if the problem still occurs or not. I hope the above process resolves the miniport errors. UPDATE: I just added 1 more step to be done before the last step.
  4. Can you see paint.exe in OA's Programs? Please make sure that "Hide trusted" is unticked just in case it is trusted on your system.
  5. Hi Cloutz. Did you do a right-click on paint.exe, choose "Advance options", and click "Protect from termination"?
  6. Dalchina, I could not reproduce your finding because I could not obtain the character string by hitting space and F8, while using Chinese (pinyin). However, similarly to catprincess, I was able to cycle to the character ú.
  7. Hi PuebloEastSideOne. OA can support your Windows 7 system, but not your Linux system. Currently, I can alternatively boot up my Ubuntu system off an external drive. You are probably thinking of booting off a Linux system from a separate partition of your internal drive. In any cases, all of this should be feasible and should not interfere with your usage of OA.
  8. Hi AlanB. Old version of OA-Hosts tab displayed entries in the Hosts file. The current version of OA-Hosts tab no longer displays them. Instead, it displays a list of applications which had been detected by OA as manipulators of the Hosts file.
  9. Hi Lucent. Can you check if the "Reset Installation" tab in your user account lists your OA++ license?
  10. Kelly, did you reinstall OA and uninstall it to remove the miniports in safe mode? If you uninstall the miniport devices yourself in safe mode, it would not work. You have a better chance of OA removing them during OA uninstallation in safe mode.
  11. Hi Kelly. I only suggested two options which I knew would likely resolve the problem. I agree with you that the safe mode option is more appropriate for you.
  12. Hi Kelly. When OA is installed on your system, the OA miniports are expected to be there. But, they should not be in any erroneous states. Once for whatever reasons they are in some sort of error states, they can be difficult to remove. Hopefully, you can remove them by one of the following methods: 1) If possible, you do a Windows system restore back to a system backup snapshot prior to OA installation. Once you determine that the OA miniports are gone, you can reinstalled OA again. 2) In Windows safe mode, reinstall OA, uninstall OA, and reboot twice. Once you determine that the OA m
  13. When OA is installed on a system, those OA miniports are expected to be installed. It is only a mystery to you, because you have not been aware of them. Nevertheless, there should not be errors associated with those miniports. I suspect that some errors occurred during OA installation causing those miniport errors. I suggest that you uninstall OA in Windows safe mode to remove those erroneous miniports. Once they are gone, you can reinstall OA. Also, if you previously installed some other 3rd party firewalls, please make sure that they are completely uninstalled prior to any OA installat
  14. kkay, does Device Manager show any Network Adapter errors? (please make sure that hidden devices are shown).
  15. I tried the same thing and did not see the error you mentioned. 1) Did you see the error in the "Diagnostic Results" section? 2) Also, please perform the following steps: a. Bring up a cmd window in Administrator mode. (start -> cmd <ctrl shift enter>). b. Issue the command "sc query oanet" (without the quotes) and check to see if oanet is running (state : 4 running).
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