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  1. Sorry it took so long to thankyou Barthez but thankyou Nessy
  2. Gday,I just convinced a mate to try OA on his computer but could not get past the Safety Wizard, no matter whether you run the wizard in trust all mode or rules mode once it gets to Itunes it stops there, it does not have any effect on the computer it just stays on Itunes with hour glass working, the only way to get out of the wizard is to go thru task manager and turn off the services, he runs no other security program, he was using Outpost, checked registry to ensure it was properly removed. He runs Win7 32bit with UAC turned off. Itunes has no other gear in it it is only the program itself 120mb. Nessy
  3. GDAY, you are way behind in youre version, it may help if you upgrade to the latest version and see if youre problem is resolved. nessy