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  1. It was actually around 4 PM when I did this test and got that screen shot.
  2. I installed a fresh copy on my virtual machine and got this for you Stapp.
  3. Updated silently and didn't even notice it!
  4. Fresh install and running smoothly here.
  5. Happy New Year Everybody!

  6. It might be something you are running in common on both your PC and Laptop. Maybe Bitdefender perhaps?
  7. Hi guys, I have ASLR enabled on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, but have EEK installed in C:\Program Files and have no issues with it. The EEK process is killed in Task Manager as soon as I close it.
  8. This summer is going by fast!

  9. It's great to be back!

  10. It was Emsisoft Internet Security updating nothing to do with OS. Thanks! P.S. My desktop did the same thing also running Win 10 x64. Here is a log file I found, don't know if it is of any use. logs.db3
  11. Just noticed that my Surface Pro updated to the latest version (think it might be EIS just to see it uninstalled EIS completely after restart. Will have to install from scratch. I have some files that were left in the EIS directory if any are of help.
  12. WoW Xmas and New Years already!

  13. Summer is almost here again!

  14. Bye Bye Santa, Hello New Year!

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