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Status Updates posted by dja2k

  1. Happy New Year Everybody!

  2. It's great to be back!

  3. This summer is going by fast!

  4. "Happy Halloween"

  5. Am I in Hell cause it sure ain't Cool outside !

  6. Bye Bye Santa, Hello New Year!

  7. Can't believe its almost a year since I last posted a status update...WOW !

  8. Doesn't really feel like it's a New Year!

  9. EAM & EIS v9 Enter Public Beta

  10. Happy Holidays !!!

  11. Happy New Year Everybody!

  12. I hope I get a COLD winter this year because it sure has been HOT!

  13. Liking Emsisoft Internet Security Pack 6.0 !!!

  14. November already!

  15. Summer is almost here again!

  16. Sure feels like this year is ending fast!

  17. The New Year is Coming!

  18. This is a HOT Summer!

  19. This Summer is going to be HOT !!!

  20. Valentine's Day is around the corner!

  21. Wow it's August already!

  22. WoW Xmas and New Years already!