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  1. I hadn't seen it yet. Just did a manual update and got it. No issues as of yet
  2. Again interesting, but didn't sound like a real life test. Best solution for Ransomware is to never let it get near your system. Hard, but not impossible by any means.
  3. Interesting. Actually from what I've run most enterprises folks don't test their backups, so there not sure if they work, or how to use them. Also people don't realize but when you have a disaster you are going to be under stress. Not the time to learn a restore process. For all the beta testers, you want real excitement try beta testing imaging restores.
  4. Just got the update. All seems fine
  5. Hi Frank Just auto updated. All seems well. Pete
  6. Only way for 100% recovery is back images you can restore. That does work.
  7. Also working fine on Win 7 Pro. Didn't even realize it updated
  8. As I said it isn't a problem for me. For trusted installer to run I have to turn off Appguard, which I do for installs, but when EAM updates is on Appguard blocks it and so it doesn't bother me.
  9. Arthur Thanks for checking. I hope you are correct but fear not. Still don't see why they can't just check for that one KB instead of going thru the whole list.
  10. The KB IS installed, but EAM still causes TrustedInstaller to run on every startup. And it takes the same large waste of time
  11. Arrg, It indeed is EAM that is the culprit. It does this on all Win 7 installations. There is one KB that has to be installed for updates to be successful. The really stupid thing is it doesn't just check for that KB it goes thru everyone of the ones installed on your system. I've solved the problem with a selective block on Trustedinstaller.exe Pete
  12. Not sure this is totally related to EAM. I seen other occasions where I had to use Cntrl-C and V where the right click didn't work. Seems to be a windows thing and this is on Win 7
  13. I just a right click scan in explorer of a 91gb file. Quick with no issues. Of course this is Win 7 pro x64
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