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  1. Smooth upgrade. Doesn't sound like much changed
  2. You shouldn't need to. I install and uninstall stuff all the time and EAM never bothers me
  3. Smooth update here. Neat new feature, but will have to play with it a bit. Thanks, Frank
  4. Just got upgraded to 9715. Smooth upgrade.
  5. I would fully concur in that your are safe in letting Support connect to your computer. I know I have done it. Pete
  6. I've seen other posts that echo the confusion. Spacing could be improved.
  7. Okay after a little homework I get it. Next question how secure are they. Apologies is this seems like nit picking, but I need to know.
  8. The context is something like happened to Quickbooks Online, where no one knew they were hosted by a third party until the hosting party was hit with a ransomware attack and users were locked out for almost a week.
  9. I want to here from them. If they aren't theirs then they aren't trust worthy. Ask Quickbooks Online users about how they feel now.
  10. Am I correct in assuming these are actually Emisoft servers and not servers leased by Emsisoft but operated by a third party
  11. Got the update here likewise
  12. Hi Arthur It should be designed so that can't happen.
  13. This is something that has to be changed. One shouldn't have to jump thru hoops to find those buttons. We we are trying to make this a newbie friendly product then this is a fail.
  14. I ran into the same problem. Don't know if it was ever resolved.