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  1. I don't use the Enterprise Console, and I have no trouble with EAM and Win 7 Pro X64. I am assuming you need the console, but you might try with out it. Also a lit of other software might be helpful. Pete
  2. NEW Beta 8340

    Smooth upgrade here
  3. CLOSED Beta 8334

    Well everything here invisibly
  4. NEW An exciting and happy new year !

    Hi Frank Best wishes to you and all the EMSIsoft people. It has been a fun year. Looking forward to continuing. Pete
  5. CLOSED Beta 8323

    Oh and the update to the new beta was smoooooooth
  6. CLOSED Beta 8323

    I would echo, thanks for the dev's listening. Good team work to the benefit of all.
  7. CLOSED Beta 8311

    Actually after re reading this whole thread, I retract my statement. My head is spinning. I think this is one "improvement" that may need revisiting.
  8. CLOSED Beta 8311

    Hmm. I agree with Umbra for an experienced user like us. But for the average user in our target audience, total confusion. KISS principle got lost.
  9. CLOSED Beta 8311

    So far so good here. Little sluggesh, but I have something open that's pretty big.
  10. Disable PowerShell?

    Thanks Umbra. I've also done step 2, and I suspect your right that is good enough.
  11. Disable PowerShell?

    Hi Umbra On win 7 x64 Pro exactly how do you completely disable Powershell
  12. Language Files

    Thanks Fabian and Kevin I could care less about the space but I was asked by a user on another forum
  13. Language Files

    Can the language files be deleted if not needed? They appear to be locked. Thanks
  14. Hi Jeremy With my systems I've never detected anything. Mainly I am extremely hard on email. Even in my business email I have two strict rules. Open no attachments and click on no links. This apply's even w ith client emails. Now in testing agains malware which I do in a VM configured like my hardware machine, when I want to test secondary layers of security I always have to turn off EAM. That should answer that question. Pete PS I run more then two products.
  15. Appguard and/or Hitman Pro Alert are two excellent choices. But frankly unless you are in a high risk catagory EAM alone should stand you in good shape