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  1. I just re-installed it.

    The problem is that once this happens I can't fire off EIS from the icon on the desktop, it's all dead...nothing works. No GUI no menu no nothing.

    Webroot and Eset Antivirus is what I am running in addition to EIS.


    Ouch.  I am not surprised you are having a conflict.   Try starting with uninstalling Webroot and go from there.

  2. replies are not satisfactory sorry.




    1 - the problem doesnt exist in 11.8.

    2 - You are telling me to whitelist a program that is managing a internet browser and such by nature is not wise to whitelist such a program.


    On no 2, that is exactly what I am telling you.   Sandboxie is managing the browser so if you use it you trust it.   There is no need for EIS/EAM to monitor Sandboxie

  3. Just keep in mind that we don't normally recommend running more than 2 security softwares that include real-time protection. Extra scanners and a sandbox should be fine though. ;)


    Hi Arthur


    Actually that group is only one scanner.   Also chosen so it runs conflict free on my system.  But I agree, one has to know how to test to be sure there are no conflicts.  



  4. Yes indeed.   Don't laugh.  I am running EIS,Sandboxie,Appguard,HitmanPro Alert, and Heimdal Security Pro.    All play nicely together, cover small holes.   I would note, that any time I thru malware at the setup, EIS catches it first.  I have to shut it down to test the other stuff.


    If you wonder why I do this it is because the of the extensive and private data of my clients I have on my machines.



  5. > .... ShadowDefender ...


    Is that like eg Sandboxie?  (Which is something I have on my list fo things to investigate, but never seem to get around to...)


    Yes and no.


    Sandboxie isolates sandboxed programs from the system, and then allows you delete them when you close the sandboxed program.   I wouldn't surf without it.


    Shadow Defender redirects all disk write while the system is shadowed.  When you reboot out of shadow mode all writes (created/modified/deleted files) are discarded.  There is a way to preserve a file if you wish.



  6. Candidly Paul I wouldn't worry much about URL black lists.  You can't count on them not changing.  I've tested against a lot of nasty stuff, including Ransomware, that my Internet "friends" send me.  EIS has always been first to catch it, and I don't do a thing with surf protection towards that end.  It's a combo of AV and BB that shuts the stuff down.


    Also with the rest of your setup, you would have to work pretty darn hard to get caught.   Only thing I would do additionally if I were you, is ShadowDefender.  That is the best extra protection if you are deliberately putting your self at risk



  7. Jeremy


    There is an old saying in Texas here in the US.   Doesn't matter how many times you kick a dead horse.  It aint getting up. And that is what I see here.  You are trying to tell everyone what should be.  I have done many things to help developers (not just emsisoft) figure out problems., but one thing I wouldn't do is leave my systems on 24/7 for two weeks or more.  I shut them down every night. 


    Also I have seen many software problems solved by a total uninstall, and reinstall.  Why?  Who knows, all I know is it works.  But something else I've learned working with quite a few companies over the years.  If you expect them to work to find reasons, and won't try the obvious, you probably won't get answers.


    My advise.  Just uninstall, use the clean up tool, and reinstall, and see what happens.!!!!!

  8. > I've been working with computers since before IBM introduced the PC,


    Me too, and for much of that time as an MVS (ie z/OS these days) systems programmer.   My view on "reinstall the app to fix a problem" would

    be "raise a ticket because something in the vendor's app-update process corrupts the app".


    >  ... Now test and see if the problem persists.   If it does now you can be sure it's EIS


    Are you suggesting that when Task Manager and Process Hacker both attribute a climbing 'Private Bytes' value to EIS, that somehow they

    have made a mistake?  If we don't trust the OS's own tracking of memory, should I also reinstall Windows?

    Hi Jeremy


    Had a recent experience, where I was seeing a huge conflict involving 3 apps.  Everything, I mean everything pointed to EIS.  I finally sent logs to them, and the logs showed nothing.  Did some additional testing and keep getting the same results.   Finally I send all the relevant documentation to one of the other vendors.  He downloaded the two other programs and had a fix over night.  Wasn't EIS at all.


    Kind of chuckled about the question about reinstalling windows.  I know quite a few people who would do exactly that.



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