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  1. Jeremy I've been working with computers since before IBM introduced the PC, and working with PC's ever since. One thing I've learned is half the time problems are resolved by throwing out the logical and going with the illogical. So to me the answer to your question is simply because. Here's what I would do. 1. Image your system with a good imaging program, so you can get back to where you are if you need to. 2. Install a trial or Revo uninstaller and completely uninstall EIS 3. Completely shut down your system and power it off. Essentially unplug it. 4. Power up and Install the latest stable EIS release, and then let it update. 5. Now test and see if the problem persists. If it does now you can be sure it's EIS Pete
  2. What is wrong with rebooting, and even shutting down on occasion. Sorry, but to me this is beginning to sound like a self inflicted issue
  3. Just so I can test, is this problem due to leaving the machine on 24/7 If so I can test.
  4. I couldn't find it at any microsoft stie either. They are really trying hard to kill Win 7
  5. I know, but occasionally when the win 7x64 systems are squirrelly, a reboot doesn't fix it, but a complete shutdown does, so something similiar is going on.
  6. DId I get the impression you guys don't shutdown at night. I have a win 7 x64 system, and I do run VMware VM's and I never have a problem. But I do shutdown at night. Could this make a difference?
  7. I've learned one thing and this is windows 7. If I am having a problem and a reboot doesn't cure, which happens on occastion, I do a shutdown and once down, I turn off the power switch on the back of the machine. That is a full shutdown, and nothing can continue running, and it often cures what a reboot doesn't.
  8. You might want to consider removing ReimagePlus. I tried going to the main website, and HeimdalSecurity blocked it, and also WOT gave a warning about it. Seems it might be a bit dodgy
  9. Hi Itman I think they have identified the problem and I suspect a new beta will be out shortly. If you now have it working, then export your settings and you should be okay. It's a hard thing to test for because it was related to maximizing the gui, and I know I never do that so I would never catch it in a beta. Pete
  10. One lesson to take from this experience is Backup, Backup, and Backup. Then recovering would be painless
  11. Once they see this they take it up by PM. Hang lose.
  12. The support guys will be a long, and they will take care of you
  13. I looked at it and decided it wasn't worth the effort. I'd just drop it You have EAM and NVT ERP. I don't see the need for it.
  14. Works fine with HitmanPro Alert latest versions. Don't use Emet 5.5 so I can't say about that.
  15. I just noticed this, and agree. I use HMPA on 3 computers alongside EIS and it is very smooth. Also from my observations on Wilders, I'd rate surfrights support as excellent as Emsisoft's. No response to an email, can also mean, the email got lost. It happens.
  16. EAM is an Antivirus and Behavior BLocker all in one. You don't need ESET, and actually it could cause conflicts.
  17. Paul are you saying the infection was an email with in the pst file. Was it because somebody did something with the email while it was open. Details would be helpful as it is scary as the devil. Thanks, Pete
  18. HMPA just released a new build, that should solve the issue.
  19. 1. I don't consider them a security company, they are a bunch of lawyers going their thing. 2. Unfortunately not all companies have the high sense of ethical conduct that is here at Emsisoft. You work for the best.
  20. Windows.old indicates you updated to win 8.1 and is the old files from the previous OS. Not sure what is going on so at this point it is best to wait for the Support folks.
  21. Try setting your auto updates to start about a half hour later then you normally turn on your computer and see if that helps.
  22. The above was extremely difficult to read. But as far as irreversible damage, that can't happen if you do proper backups using an imaging program. If you aren't doing that you have already lost everything, you just don't know it.
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