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    Why should it?  What's different about a fresh install compared with one that's been updated by your released updates?  




    I've been working with computers since before IBM introduced the PC, and working with PC's ever since.  One thing I've learned is half the time problems are resolved by throwing out the logical and going with the illogical.  So to me the answer to your question is simply because.


    Here's what I would do.


    1.  Image your system with a good imaging program, so you can get back to where you are if you need to.

    2.  Install a trial or Revo uninstaller and completely uninstall EIS

    3.  Completely shut down your system and power it off.  Essentially unplug it.

    4.  Power up and Install the latest stable EIS release, and then let it update.

    5.  Now test and see if the problem persists.   If it does now you can be sure it's EIS



  2. Hi Itman


    I think they have identified the problem and I suspect a new beta will be out shortly.  If you now have it working, then export your settings and you should be okay.  It's a hard thing to test for because it was related to maximizing the gui, and I know I never do that so I would never catch it in a beta.



  3. @emwul64 go and register @ http://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/hitmanpro-alert-support-and-discussion-thread.324841/ . than talk to Erik Loman (Developer) about your problems. I did the same and I got help in a technical way also with my license. Hitman Pro/ Alert works very smoothly with EMSI in the way of an extra layer of security, as Elise told! ;)


    I just noticed this, and agree.  I use HMPA on 3 computers alongside EIS and it is very smooth.  Also from my observations on Wilders, I'd rate surfrights support as excellent as Emsisoft's.  No response to an email, can also mean, the email got lost.  It happens.

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